Seram, Masohi, Namano & Amahai

Seram, Masohi, Namano & Amahai

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Neat, if slightly dull, Masohi is the spacious purpose-built capital of central Maluku, a short jaunt from the Amahai harbour. It’s only really useful to travellers as a transport interchange. The main street, Jl Soulissa, heads southwest from the terminal, market and Masohi Plaza shopping mall. It becomes Jl Martha Tiahahu in the Christian suburbs and then continues 6km through Namano to Amahai. Here, just before Amahai’s main port, the larger road turns 90 degrees, heading 1km to the airport.

Masohi has a warnet and several ATMs. Friendly, if far from informative, the Central Maluku Tourist Office is where you’d start the three-stage application process for Manusela National Park permits. Very few choose to spend more than one night here. If you are stuck in town, grab one of the relatively quiet garden rooms at Penginapan Irene. It’s worth spending the money for one of the nicer rooms. The ‘Executive’ rooms at Hotel-Restaurant Isabella may not satisfy your inner Posh Spice, but at least they have windows and hot showers. Grab dinner at Afsal, a clean, ever so slightly upscale, pick-and-mix joint.

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