Lombok Sesanot Forest Park



Sesanot Forest Park

Area Forest Park arSesanot, Sesanot Forest Park, Taman Hutan Raya, ea is located in the Village Sesaot Sub Sesaot Narmada, Dati II Kabupaten West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province.
In astronomical Sesaot Forest Park located at the position 8 -ª 30 ‘- 8 -ª 33’ S and 116 -ª 13 ‘- 116 -ª 18’ E with the status of protected forest on TGHK No. 758/Kpts/Um/1982 dated October 12, 1982 an area of 5950.79 Ha.
In general the sloping terrain, undulating and hilly, with elevations ranging from 225 s / d 684 m above sea level and the slope of the soil varies from 15 to 45%.
Water resources in the area of Forest Sesaot 509 springs with large debit between 5155 to 5475 liters / second in the rainy season.


Sesaot Tahura vegetation composition consisting of plantations and natural forests. Forest plant species dominated by Mahogany. Other types of forest plantations include: The nuts (Aleurites mollucana), Albizia (Albizia falcataria), Bajur (permum javanicum Pteros) and a few Pine trees (Pinus merkusii) at a location near the main village Kumbi.tracking Argopuro 4

In the natural forest dominated by species common thread that the wood used for woodworking, followed by type Klokos Shrimp (Callophyllum inophyllum), Suren (Toona stireni), Sentul (Aglaia sp.) And Ficus benjamina (Ficus benyaminap).

The kind that are rarely found as follows: Eaglewood (Aguilaria mallacensis) and Kelicung (Dyospiros vilaria).

From the results of the potential inventory in Forest Park area Sesaot year 1996/1997 found 81 species. Aves types are the types that dominate this region include: Koak caw (Phylemon buceroides), King Prawn (Halcyon chloris), Kecial, Scaly-breasted falcon and Punglor (Zootero interpress).

For this latter species being hunted by many people because they’re expensive on the market and nationally Zootero type interpress have won national level for the type of birds singing. Because hunting is done by the society that continually conditions in nature are very rare.

Mammals types include: deer (Cervus timorensis), Deer (Muntiacus muncak), Javan (Presbitys cristata), Porcupine (hystrix branchyura) and Weasel (Paradaxurus hermaproditus).

Types include Reptiles: Monitor lizard (Varanus salvator), Gecko (Gecko, gecko), Snake Rice (Python reticulatus).

W i s a t a

Location Forest Park Sesaot frequented by tourists, local tourists mainly because of the condition of pristine forest and the air is cool, summer tourists visiting the holidays / big day and the location is visited by Aik Nyet to enjoy the abundant water resources.

Tracking Argopuro 3 Argopuro a cluster of several hills in the area of protected forest areas and the highest peak sesaot called Argopuro. Argopuro in general is a bumpy plateau and mountainous, with altitude ranging from 225 s / d with 684 mdpl slope varies between 15 – 45%. To make the climb to the top Argopuro sesaot, there are some lines that commonly used local residents as the village kebonbaru lines kisses, Rengalo hamlets and villages Karangbayan Karang Bayan Tetebatu village.

Kapa-SSC team to try something new to climb Argopuro by using the middle lane which we named Terabas point. Terabas this point in the hamlet Aiknyet Barada village Sesaot. To take the village from the town of Mataram Aiknyet takes 30 minutes with a distance of -ª 24 km using public transportation. From Aiknyet to reach the top of the needed time Argopuro -ª 8 hour journey on foot. Beauty in bisah Argopuro enjoy the forest to the summit with natural vegetation, the spread of the river with a beautiful waterfall and the valley of the white mist covered.

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