Sambal Lado Mudo, Minangese Green Chilies Sambal

Sambal Lado Mudo


Samba Lado Mudo (Minangese Green Chilies Sambal) Modified by me
25 long green chillies
8 shallots (for smaller shallot like in Indonesia, use 16 shallots)
4 tomatillos (original recipe is supposed to add green unripe tomatoes)
100 g teri medan (dried tiny silver anchovies)
5 tbsp oil
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
salt and sugar to season
A Package of Teri Medan Teri Medan

1. Steam long green chilies and shallots (some people like to steam the tomatoes as well) for about 5 minutes.
2. In a food processor or blender, place tomatillos, steamed green chillies and shallots. Do not process too smooth, just roughly blended. I myself processed too smooth.
2. In a skillet, place oil and heat it over medium-high. Fry dried anchovies until golden brown. Remove the anchovies.
3. Heat the remaining oil in same skillet, stir fry the blended ingredients until wilted. Add fried anchovies, stir evenly. Add lime juice, sugar and salt, stir evenly. Remove from the heat. Ready to eat as a condiment. I put mine in a sterilized jar, so I can keep it longer in the fridge.

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