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Rinca is slightly smaller than Komodo, close to Labuanbajo and easily done in a day trip. Boats arrive at the sheltered dock of Loh Kima, from where it’s a five-minute walk through the mangroves, home to long-tail macaques and wild water buffalo, to the PHKA station camp at Loh Buaya. Pay your fee here, and keep the entrance ticket if you’re heading to Komodo. Two types of guided walks are offered. An hour’s loop trail is included with your admission, or you could pay an extra 50,000Rp for a two-hour hike. As temperatures will inevitably be furnace-hot, most people opt for an hour’s walk close to camp.

There are supposedly no set dragon-feeding places on Rinca, but there are often a half-dozen massive beasts near the camp kitchen at Loh Buaya, so you do the math. As a result, finding dragons in the bush is not so easy, but the guides know spots where Komodo dragons sun themselves, and they’ll show you dragon nests (the females dig huge burrows to lay their eggs). Wildlife is much more abundant than on Komodo; in addition to the monkeys and buffalo you may find Timor deer, horses or even wild boar. Bird life includes spangled drongos, fish eagles, megapodes and orange-footed scrub fowl.

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