Rinca Island

rinca island

Rinca Island is an island located in the Nusa Tenggara Islands. Rinca and Komodo Island along Padar Island Komodo National Park is managed by the Central Government. Rinca Island is located to the west of the island of Flores, which are separated by the Strait Molo.

The island is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is the Komodo National Park along with the island of Komodo, Padar and Gili Mota.

The highest point of the island is located at Doro (Mount) Ora, 670 m above sea level. On this island lived various types of animals such as dragons, wild pigs, buffalo and birds. Rinca Island can be reached by small boat from Labuan Bajo in West Flores. Administratively, this island including the District of Komodo, West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia.

Rinca island is hilly savanna that makes you feel you’re in Africa because almost the entire surface of the island is a savanna. Trekkingnya These were not at all boring. You will be invited uphill, downhill, over the rocks and woods.

The most exciting of course, when suddenly met with dragons. They are solitary animals that are active only in the morning and afternoon. So if you want to meet them, do trekking while they are active.

Currently at the top of the hill, take a moment and look around. The blue ocean with blue sky visible graded, coupled with the green of the trees in the distance. What a beautiful panorama seen. Not always you will be under the sun, there is time to enter the forest.

But be careful if you are around the trees because the pups usually stay at the top of the tree. Do not disorderly or fall of his saliva which contains a lot of bacteria. That is why, the participants trekking should always be close to rangernya. To be safer and more comfortable trekking.

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