Riau Bukit Tiga puluh National Park Orang Rimba and Talan Mamak

Bukit Tiga puluh National Park Orang Rimba and Talan Mamak


Orang Rimba and Talan Mamak

Indigenous tribes: The forests and its surrounding buffer area also provide homes for Orang Rimba (Kubu) and Talan Mamak – forest dwelling tribal communities all of whom have adapted to living in the environment in a sustainable way that has little impact on the ecosystem.

ORANG RIMBA: Orang Rimba, the “People of the Forest” are an indigenous people, numbering 2,500, in Jambi Province. Approximately 364 live in the forests on Bukit Tigapuluh. The Orang Rimba have developed a traditional system of forest resources management, based on enrichment and selective enhancement of many tree and plant species. They generally collect non-wood forest products, hunt, and practice swidden cultivation. The fact that the Orang Rimba base their livelihood on the collection of forest products makes this forest of great importance to them.

TALANG MAMAK: Known as a hinterland tribe, the Talang Mamak number only about 6,000 and depend on the natural resources found in the park in Riau’s Indragiri Hulu regency.

The Medicinal Biota Expedition found the Talang Mamak tribe use 110 and the Kubu tribe 101 of medicinal plants and fungi to cure over 50 diseases. Leaves are the most usable part of medical plants after roots, bark and sap. They have long known the plants and fungi as effective cures for common diseases such as rheumatism, dysentery, hepatitis, respiratory ailments, malaria, goiter, skin rashes, coughs and diabetes. Some plants are also considered natural contraceptives.
Usually the parts of the plant are boiled then the water drunk as a herbal extract

Talan Mamak Tours


The park can be reached in 4 hours by car from the capitals of both Riau and Jambi. An exciting experience in its own right, this route passes through the Riau Archipelago and through mangrove creeks and canals in the coastal swamps of Sumatra, before entering the great Indragiri River. With in the park itself, transportation is accomplished through a combination of trekking and using bamboo rafts and wooden boats.
Conferring some 12,709 km2 of the Bukit Tigapuluh (“The Thirty Hills”), a massif rising steeply just south of the equator in the middle of Sumatra’s eastern plain, the National Park serves several important functions. In addition to providing a safe haven for thousands of species of plants and animals, many of which are threatened by extinction or extremely rare, the Park provides vital catchments protection for several large rivers that sustain downstream agricultural communities.
The forests of the National Park and its surrounding buffer areas also provide habitat to Talang Mamak and Kubu forest-dwelling tribal communities and traditional Malay peasants who live in the forest edges.

DAY 1: arrive at Jakarta International airport. Meet and transfer to the hotel for overnight transit.
DAY 2: Transfer to the airport for flight to Jambi – Sumatera. Arrive Jambi, meet and transfer by 4 wheel drive to Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park. Overnight at the guest house camp.
DAY 3: Start the trip to the habitat of Rafflesia hasseltii (giant flower). Trekking to the Datai Old hamlet. Quenching your thirst by enjoying tapped sugar palm juice. Dining and chatting with the Talang Mamak tribal people Overnight at home stay made of tree bark.
DAY 4: Datai Ancient Village. Enjoying and observing the lowland rain forest. Getting acquainted with the Talang Mamak tribe and their interaction with the forest, especially their daily use of medicinal plants taken from the forests. Evening gathering to see the making of pandanus handicrafts by the tribal women.
DAY 5: Datai Ancient Village – Air Bemban Breakfast includes local coffee ( green product – non pesticide ). Rafting along the Gangsal River, experience its rapids along the way and viewing the panorama or bring along your binocular for bird watching. Stay overnight in the village of the Malayan community in Air Bemban. Dine simple local food with the community and enjoy their traditional music.
DAY 6: Air Bemban – Rantau Langsat – Rengat Exploring the village, make an encounter with the Kemantan Shaman ( the Local Healer ). Rafting downstream. Visit Talang Mamak traditional Grave sites. Observing local rattan and bamboo handicrafts. Overnight at the guest house camp.
DAY 7: transfer to Jambi airport for your afternoon flight to Jakarta. Arrive at Jakarta in the evening . transfer to your hotel.
DAY 08: transfer to the airport for your return flight home or other destination in Indonesia.


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