Riau, Sultan of Siak Sri Indrapura

Riau, Sultan of Siak Sri Indrapura


Present Sultan:  Haji Tengku Muhammad Muchtar Anum Raja 

The last Sultan was: Sultan Assyaidissyarif Kasim Abdul Jalil Syaifuddin, usually called Sultan Syarif Kasim II (1908 – 1946). See below.

This sultanate was founded by Raja Kecik of the kingdom of Pagaruyung (Sultan Abdul Jalil Rahmad Syah I), after not succeeding getting the throne of the sultanate of Johor.
The  Sultanate was independent from 1723 – 1946. In earlier times this sultanate was one of the powerful kingdoms in in east and north Sumatera.. Later kingdoms seceded.

The last ruling sultan of Siak, Sultan Abdul Jalil Saifuddin V (rule (1908-)1915-1946) also known as Tengku Syarif Kassim II, ruled in a much turbulent time. In the independence struggle around WW II he was an important defendant of Indonesian independence.
Because of that he was made a national hero of Indonesia in 1998.
He died in 1968 and left no royal heirs. His brother had sons, but not from a royal wife.
So for a long time there was no official dynastychief of Siak. Some years ago that was changed.
The last ruling sultan was descendant of Sultan Abdul Jalil Saifuddin III ( T. Sy. Kasim I, ruled 1864-88). This sultan had succeeded his older brother Sultan Abdul Jalil Saifuddin II (Raja Ismail), who ruled from 1827 and had to stop as sultan, because of his health.
Now the line of Sultan Abdul Jalil Saifuddin III/Sy. Kasim is extinct, the dynasty decided to continue with the line of his older brother.
The present chief of the sultan’s dynasty of Siak is Haji Tengku Muhammad Muchtar Anum Raja, greatgrandson of the foremost last mentioned sultan, who is also described as Sultan Syarif Ismail Abdul Jalil Syafuddin II.



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