Riau, Pekanbaru, dance group dibimbingnya

Riau, Pekanbaru, dance group dibimbingnya

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SMP 17 3rd Place Dance FLS2N Pekanbaru
SMP 17 champion dancers dance FLS2NKamis 3 ( 21/4 ) and then , in the Festival and the National Students Art Competition ( FLS2N ) the Department of Education held in Pekanbaru , Pekanbaru SMP 17 to bring the trophy back to three at junior level dance competitions Se – Pekanbaru city . SMP 17 sent five people to bring the dancers dance piece entitled Hangtuah .

Previous SMP 17 dance group have been training hard enough . Almost 2 months of their training in order to show the best dance event is sponsored each year by the supervisor justified this.This 17 junior high dance , Dra Lisnawati MPd . Women who familiarly called Lis is claimed to love , dance group dibimbingnya able to penetrate three champions . ” Allhamdulliah , SMP 17 to place third , despite their appearance when there is little error as nervous facing the jury , ” he explained .

Dance group which last year turned out to be the first national champion in the same race , admits dance remains optimistic , though had to settle for 3rd place . ” Students who participate duel was new , and when the race was their coach is not there , so mentally they ‘ve hit . Important thing they have to show the best , ” he concluded . ( cs2 )
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