West Papua tribes Raja Ampat Tribes

West Papua tribes

Raja Ampat Islands 11 Tribes

Raja ampat,  Islands,  Tribes, biak, biga, duriankere, legenyem, kawe, maden, matbat, ma'ya, moi, waigeo, wauyal,
Biak 33.000 Christian
Biak and Numfor Islands north, numerous small islands east and west of Bird’s Head, including Mapia Island. Biak Numfor Kabupaten. Alternate names:Biak_tonemo, Dwar, Fairi, Jenures, Korim, Mandusir, Mofu, Opif, Padoa, Penasifu, Samberi, Sampori (Mokmer), Sor, Sorendidori, Sundei, Wari, Wadibu, Sorido, Bosnik, Korido, Warsa, Wardo, Kamer, Mapia, Mios Num, Rumberpon, Monoarfu, Vogelkop. Some consider Biak and Numfor dialect 2 languages.
Biga 300 Christian
Misool Island, Biga village
Duriankere 100 Christian
In the strait between Salawati Island and the west end of Bird’s Head, on a small island in Raja Ampat Islands. Alternate names: Duriankari, Esaro, Sailen.
Legenyem 300 Islam
Waigeo Island in northwest end of main bay and on south coast, Beo, Lempintol, Wawiai villages. Alternate names: Laganyan.
Kawe 600 Animism
Waigeo Island in northwest end of main bay and on south coast, Beo, Lempintol, Wawiai villages. Alternate names: Laganyan.
Maden 700 Christian
west Salawati Island. Alternate names: Palamul, Saparan, Sapran. Dialects: Kawait.
Matbat 1.400 Animism
Misool Island, Segaf Islands. Alternate names: Me.
Ma’ya 4.400 Christian
central Waigeo Island and central Salawati Island. Alternate names: Sailolof, Salawati, Samate. Dialects: Ma’ya, Banlol, Batanta Island.
Moi 5.600 Christian
west Bird’s Head around Sorong. 9 villages. Alternate names: Mekwei, Mooi, Mosana. Dialects: Mosemah.
The MOI people collect lawan tree oil and cut lumber, garden, trade; and they sell pigs, casuari, tree kangaroo, and fish. Because the MOI people live along the coast at an altitude of less than 100 meters above sea level the MOI people can best be accessed by boat.
They have a reputation for being mild people and originally come from the Klawelem area of the Makbon district. They are known to intermarry with the Moraid people.
The MOI people live off of their gardens (fruit, sweet potatoes, bananas, etc), sago, wild game and fish. They are also known for carving on canoes, in caves, making tattoos, and decorating head and shoulder bags (called “noken”). House walls are traditionally made from sago palms and house flooring from the pinang tree. Malaria, rash, and ringworm are common. Their economic lot could be improved if reconciliation was made with Canadian and Indonesian logging companies.
Waigeo 500 Christian
North central Waigeo Island off western Bird’s Head, Sorong Regency, Waigeo Selatan subdistrict, Warsanbin, Selegop, Waifoi, Go, Kabilol, Kabare, and Nyandesawai villages. Alternate names: Ambel, Amber, Amberi, Waigiu. Dialects: Metnyo, Metsam.
Wauyai 300  Christian
Southwest Waigeo Island, Wauyai village.


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