Pendawa Beach

Pendawa Beach


Definitely qualifies as a secret beach because of its unique location below towering limestone cliffs. This quiet and relaxing powdery white sand beach with blue-green water is on the Bukit Peninsula. Take the road to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) cultural park. After passing the park gate, drive on until you reach an intersection, then take a left past the banjar office of Kutuh village.

Ask for directions if in doubt. The approach leading to the beach is on a smooth asphalted road through black rocky hills. Parking is Rp3000 for motorcycles, Rp6000 for cars. At the entrance you’ll pass statues of the five brothers of the Pendawa clan from the Mahabharata epic – Yudistira, Bima, Arjuna and the twins Nakula and Sadewa. The view from the top is outstanding.

This natural beach doesn’t get so many tourists, so public facilities are minimal. A shower and bathroom are provided to refresh you after swimming or surfing. No real restaurant; only stalls and cafes selling drinks, snacks and local food. Seaweed farmers dry their harvest, though their area of planting is decreasing because of the rapid development of coastal tourism.

Tents and kursi malas (a kind of sofa) sit in a row and are for rent. The big waves roll in by the early afternoon. If you want to see the sunrise, be here very early in the morning. A jogging/cycling track runs along the waterfront. Paragliding rides (Rp500,000-Rp750,000, depending on length) will give you an amazing aerial view over the whole environs.

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