Pemutaran, Menjangan Island

Pemutaran, Menjangan Island

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Around 40 minutes drive west along the north coast road from Lovina is Pemuteran. With a black sandy beach (although walk around the corner of the beach and “Wow, golden sand up here?!”). In fact, the entire north coast used to have golden / white sand, until Mt. Agung decided to turn it black in 1963. But amazingly with absolutely no beach hawkers (the hotels got together with the village to prevent this. And even more incredibly it has not just living coral, but exceptionally good living coral right off the beach, supporting a large range of colorful fish


Menjangan Resort

At Menjangan Resort, we offer you many experiences that you cannot have in other places. In rainy season, see all the greens and freshness around the resort. Look at the wet leaves, the green meadow, and muddy soil. But in dry season, all you can see is just brown. Brown trees, brown leaves, and dry soil are all over the resort. Both seasons will give you different ambience and different excitement; even when you stand in the same spot.
Forest Trekking
Spend the entire morning trekking through the forest and beautiful views, while watching animals in their habitats.
For hikers, there is a special route that can be selected here. Accompanied by a technical interpreter, you can also earn new knowledge of floras, faunas, and plants. You can find many rare and protected species, like Pilang Tree, Cendana ( sandalwood ), Sawo Kecik ( manilkara kauki ), and the most protected and endangered variety – Sentiki Mangrove. Balinese people believe that Sentiki Mangrove has a mystical aura.
In rainy season, there are a lot of deers, monkeys, and wild boars you can explore. But in dry season, you can explore jungle predators, such as hedgehogs, snakes, ant eaters, and lizards.
Bird Watching
Bird watchers would enjoy the forest trails or the Bird Watching Tower, specifically erected to satisfy the amateur and professional Bird Watcher.
Horseback Riding
Get a new horseback riding experience in a ranch equipped with 40 well-trained Australian horses. All of our horses are in a good shape.
There are many horseback riding tracks you can choose; be it riding in the tropical forests, vsavanna, mangrove forest, or just trot up and down on the beach and to the hot springs for a quick dip.
Divers have always enjoyed the beauty and waters of the Menjangan Island area. Just by plunging in 15 meters deep, open water divers and beginner divers could enjoy the view of the breath taking scenery of sea garden in Bajul Bay while enjoying the slow currents which shall push you by the beautiful variety of plantlife and tropical fish. Deep sea divers could still see the beauty of the waters in an approximate of 50 meters and more in Menjangan Island area. The waters of the Menjangan should also be seen at night. Therefore night dives are also highly recommended.
Explore the beauty of sea creatures and garden in Bajul Bay and around Menjangan Island , by snorkeling. Swim along with your flippers and goggles and watch many kinds of colorful fishes swimming near the beach, see for yourself the uniqueness of the coral reef.
Do not hesitate to spend your days by kayaking, along the mangrove plants in our area. Feel the cool breeze of sea wind and the green view of mangrove. See the birds up on the mangrove trees, feel their freedom. Look down at the fishes in the clear sea water, look at their beautiful colors and shapes.

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