Padang Bay Map

Candi Dasa, Padang Bai

Diving, Candidasa, Padangbay
Map with dive sites in Amuk Bay: 1. White Beach (Bias Tugal) / 2. Padang Bai Channel / 3. Padang Bai Jetty / 4. Blue Lagoon / 5. Mimpang / 6. Gili Tepekong / 7. Gili Biaha –
Candi Dasa and Padang Bai
Amuk Bay, with the villages of Padang Bai in the south and Candi Dasa in the north, is about 6 kms across and located along the south side of Bali’s eastern point. Close to Candi Dasa there are two larger islands, Tepekong and Biaha, as well as an area with small rocks called Mimpang or Batu Tiga.
White Beach (No. 1) (Bias Tugal) lies south of Padang Bai.
Padang Bai Channel (No. 2) This dive site lies about 100m from the shore in the area where the ferries leave for Lombok when they cross overhead during a dive, it can be very noisy here indeed.
Blue Lagoon (No. 4) (Tanjung Sari)
Mimpang (No. 5) is also called Batu Tiga (three rocks) although there are actually 4 small exposed rocks that come to the surface, on the center rock there is an eagle nest.
Gili Tepekong (No. 6) (the Goat Island) is only about 50m long and not very wide with deep waters on all sides. Off the southwestern tip of Tepekong is a well known dive site.
Gili Biaha (No. 7) (Likman island): There is a blowhole which spouts jets of water, so Biaha looks like a large whale!


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