Klunkung, Nyoman Gunarsa Museum

Nyoman Gunarsa Museum

Nyoman Gunarsa is one of Bali?s most prominent artists. As a painter, he has been going through many phases that have led lead him to his own stream and character. He had been an expressionist, he had passed through a realism era, and ultimately he chooses to paint in abstract expressionist style. His painting is unique with strong details in the painting itself, so if you see any of his painting do you can recognize easily “that’s a Gunarsa”. His paintings implicitly carry his identity.

Bali is his home as well as his inspiration. The island is the main theme of his paintings, particularly he gets inspiration from Balinese dancers. He considers his paintings as space and movement, he plays his brush to put the color on the canvas in an aesthetic way. In his path to becoming a great painter he has been involved in so many exhibitions inside and outside the country. He often uses bright and strong colors that make his painting eye-catching, fresh, dynamic and modern and at the same time showing a traditional scene of Balinese dancers, Balinese men or women.

2-Updown-paintingIn 1989 he established Museum Seni Lukis Kontemporer Indonesia Nyoman Gunarsa in Yogyakarta and after that he established another museum called Museum Seni Lukis Bali in his homeland, Klungkung regency, Bali. The three story museum was built with modern Bali architecture but the building looks old and a bit abandoned. But now, they are in the process of doing renovations so maybe soon it will look brighter again.

On the ground floor, the spacious space boasts paintings made by Gunarsa also and some sculptures made by him and a collection of Barong. Going up to the second floor where less sunshine enters the vast room, one can appreciate products of the past. The second floor boasts a collection of antique Balinese wooden gates, very old kamasan paintings, antique sculptures and other types of antique traditional cultural products.

Last but not least, the third floor is the sanctuary for his own excellent creations. Some paintings are hanging nicely on the walls while others are hanging in the middle of the space giving a different style of interior design in this classical museum. This place is a like garden full of flowers for art lovers and antique mania. Not only one can appreciate the creativity, the imagination and the works of the artist but also the collection can take you back to Bali in old era where people made art works in order to serve God and where artworks were the body of the religious soul.

You can’t imagine how rich the collection that the museum boasts is until you visit the museum and see yourself. Worth the trip for art lovers.[NOW]

Klunkung,  Nyoman GunarsaKlunkung,  Nyoman Gunarsa

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