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Flores Island

South central Flores, between Manggarai and Ngad’a, and south of Wae Rana.
Rongga is spoken by around 4000 speakers, mainly in three villages (Tanarata, Bamo, and Watunggene) in the Flores island Indonesia . However, a small number of its speakers are also found in the neighbou ring village of Waelengga . These villages belong to the administration of Kota Komba sub-district, the regency of Manggarai. It is one of several small undocumented Austronesian languages clustered between Manggarai and Ngadha. Manggarai, the biggest language on the island, with more than half a million speakers dominates the western part of Flores , in West and (East) Manggarai regencies (7136,4 km2 ), almost one third of the island. Ngadha (also called Bajawa) with about 66,000 speakers is spoken in the regency of Ngada, east of Rongga. Other small languages to the north include Waerana, Kepo’ and Manus.
eastern Floresflores, tribe, sikka, suku Island, between Li’o and Lamaholot. Alternate names: Krowe, Maumere, Sara Sikka, Sikka, Sikkanese. Dialects: Sara Krowe (Central Sikka), Sikka Natar (South Coast Sikka, Kanga秬 Tana Ai. Wide linguistic and cultural variation.
Central Flores, central Kabupaten Ngada, between Ngad’a and Riung. Alternate names: Soa. Dialects: Similar to Ngad’a [nxg]
Wae Rana-4.700
South central Flores, between Manggarai and Ngad’a. Alternate names: Waerana.

Komodo Islands

Komodo Island and west coast of Flores. Dialects: Considered a separate language from Manggarai [mqy]

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