Nusa Dua, My First visit to Bali

My First visit to Bali

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by kawaakibb @ Friday, Mar. 14, 2008 – 09:36:48 pm

I have one word to describe how I feel after visiting Bali earlier this week: RESENTFUL!

That was the first time in my life I visited Bali, despite the fact I had been living only some 900 kilometers from the “Island of Gods” for 25 years (which is my age).

I have heard people, not only Indonesians but also foreigners from distant countries, talking a lot about Bali over and over, but I had never had the chance of visiting the so-called exotic island myself.

I sort of saying to myself, ‘Hey! It (Bali) is located in Indonesia, my very own home country, but how come while millions, perhaps billions of people have visited the island, I have not?’

So, when finally my editor told me that I would be assigned to cover a ministerial meeting in Bali, I turned of course tremendously excited. A poor person like me can never afford such Balinese visit, well at least not while I’m still in my current economic condition. It is the invitation to cover stories on the meeting that gave me the chance.

It sounded okay on the first day as I stepped my foot on Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport. Even though I didn’t have so much leisure time as I had expected, I thought I still had the chance to have sightseeing around Bali’s famous beaches on the next three day of my staying in the island (I had a four-day visit, in total).

But, well, I was wrong; totally wrong. I got even busier and busier on the day two, three and four! So busy I was that even though in fact I stayed in a cottage located only some 200 meters from the beach, I could not walk along the shore even for some minutes, as I had earlier planned. I could only see the blue color of the sea in the morning from distance before leaving my room for Bali Convention Center, which is a located in another hotel in the Nusa Dua Beach area.

Can you imagine that? I stayed only a few meters from the beach but I could not take a closer look at it even for some minutesll!

The ministerial meeting was very strictly scheduled, that is why. And it was such difficult situation I couldn’t leave it (to do what I badly wished I could have done) when I had some leisure time.

The only thing I could enjoy was the view of the night sky, which was uncommonly starry and beautiful along the four days. But poorly, I could not enjoy it for more than a quarter of an hour either as I could only get back to my cottage after so late at night and had to go to bed immediately because I had to wake up early in the morning next day.

I also had a quite wonderful culinary tour, and still had the chance to buy some souvenirs for my family at home on the way back to Ngurah Rai Airport, before departing to Jakarta.

Well, Bali, you should welcome me a little better next time I visit you. I wish for nothing but some leisure walks along your shore in the morning, when crowds of nude people haven’t jammed the beaches, and at nights when I’ll be able to see millions of enchanting stars at your clear night sky. It must be so beautiful seeing them right above the sea, as there won’t be any boundaries like trees or tall buildings, right?

As a matter of fact, nowadays there is no way for stars’ lover to see a starry night sky in the light- and dust-polluted Jakarta.

So fond I have been of the stars that I wrote this poem when I was at high school some 10 years ago…

If I Could be a Star

If I could be a star
I would shine down upon each piece of human’s hearts
I would be the light in the dark
And I would be the one that could lead you to the right

If I could be a star
I would be very happy
As I would be noticed
As I would be appreciated

If I could be a star
I would never cry
I knew I would be able to avoid it
As I would be very distant from you

Oh, how I wish I could be a star
So that I could shine
So that I wouldn’t be taken by wind and wouldn’t be touched by dust

I f I could be a star
I knew I would find my stories back

— The End —

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