North Sumatra, Sultan of Limalaras

North Sumatra, Sultan of Limalaras


The sultanate of Limalaras was located in north Sumatera.

Palace of Five Laras is forgotten history . His name is less famous than Maimoon Palace in Medan . Although not completely solid , Palace of Five Laras still standing in the village of Five Laras , District Tanjung Tiram , District shavings. Approximately 136 kilometers southeast of the city of Medan .

At first glance of the front of the palace buildings visible green color was dull . Four-storey palace built in 1912 that had rotted with age and no longer interesting visit. Perhaps because it is also the condition in North Sumatra tourism brochures , palace Five Laras no longer listed as one of the attractions .

The palace is located on a land area of ​​102 x 98 meters was built Datuk Matyoeda , King of the Kingdom of XII Five Laras , the eldest son of the previous king , H Djafar title Datuk Sri Raja Indra .

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