North Sumatra, Nias, Tourism declaration

North Sumatra, Nias,  Tourism declaration

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Dr. . Henky Hermantoro , special staff assigned the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy explains , tourism development approach is the Nias Islands region , so the strategic steps to develop tourism based Nias region .

” Nias is very potential to be developed as a leading tourist destination in the western region . Through appropriate strategies , with full power , commitment and togetherness ‘ touching ‘ the right thing can be achieved . Parekraft Ministry welcomed the joint determination of existing local government . This meeting will be followed by a step – ; angkah more concrete , “said Henky .

Coordinating Board Region II Provincial Government of Central Java , Drs . Budiyanto , MSI, conveying messages Ganjar Pranowo Governor of Central Java , while officially opening the workshop was , that it opens the door wide to assist local governments in Nias to develop tourism.

” We are ready to partner to help promote tourism in Nias and Nias provide space for the community to show its cultural arts in this region , ” said Budiyanto .

In addition to the Ministry of Local Government and Parekraf , also attended as a speaker in this Workshop is Dr . Hermawan Kartajaya ( marketing specialist ) , Dr . Fonali Lahagu ( community leaders ) , Esther GN Telaumbanua , SE ( observers tourism in Nias ) , Rukimo Tarin ( hospitality management ) and Drs . Widi Srihanto ( Kadis Budpar Solo) .

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