North Sumatra, Nias, Tari Yaahowu

North Sumatra, Nias, Tari Yaahowu

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Solo – In September last , three major events coordinated by the authors as the Chairman of the Steering Committee ( SC – steering committee ) was a success . Each of the three events that took place almost every week in the month . Need an efficient organization of resources , solid teamwork and a strong network .

1 . Workshop Tourism and Cultural Attractions Nias

Group Dance Yaahowu

Dance group Yaahowu Before in Action

This event is a coordinated effort and facilitation Community Central Java-Yogyakarta , the Association of Family Nias ( IKN ) Yogyakarta , Ono Niha Family Association ( IKAONI ) Salatiga , Surakarta Niha Orudua Nono ( ONIS ) Surakarta and Community Covenant Ono Niha ( FAMONI ) Semarang and community Nias in the various cities in Central Java , to examine the opportunities and challenges of the Tourism Sector became the locomotive of development in Nias Island . Until now, the dominant sector has not been formulated as a locomotive for the development of the Nias Islands , tourism potential as a tourist attraction to visit is very diverse and popular , both locally , nationally and internationally , and the tourism sector became the third country national foreign exchange earner , other than oil and gas , and oil palm .

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