North Sulawesi,Lake Moat

North Sulawesi,Lake Moat


The lake is located in the Village Mooat, District Modayag, Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Talking about the enchantment of tourism in North Sulawesi certainly can not ignore the beauty of Bunaken National Marine Park as a tourism icon that has been known to foreign tourists. But in addition to Bunaken National Marine Park, in North Sulawesi there are also attractions ranging from natural attractions, historical tours, culinary tours as well. One of the attractions that has not been known but has its own beautifuly is located on Lake Mooat Bolaang Mongondow.

Mooat Lake is a lake formed in the former pools of ancient crater with a height of 1,100 meters above sea level (asl). The lake, which became part of the Mountain Nature Reserve Area This threshold also has a function as a provider of water for agricultural areas in Bolaang Mandondow renowned as the granary of North Sulawesi Province. Hills with dense rain forest and the expanse of vegetable crops, Lake Mooat promising charm for tourists. In this place, you can enjoy the cool mountain air is fresh and free from pollution. For those of you who want to take a break and escape from the fatigue and work routines, Lake Mooat be a good choice to relax and calm down. Expanse of clear water reflecting the sunlight will welcome the moment you arrive in the area of Lake Mooat. The shadows of trees that grow thick around the lake also bouncing on the water. Occasionally singing birds and insects creak sounded on the sidelines of wind. In the middle of the lake looks a little island spherical panorama that add elegance and able to spoil the eye.

You who like fishing, do not forget to bring a fishing pole during a visit to this lake. In Lake Mooat there are many freshwater fish like carp or carp fish. You can lure fish from the lake, and if not satisfied, you can hire a fishing boat and go fishing to the middle of the lake. The fish catch can be burned directly on the lake. Enjoy the star-studded evening, mingle with relatives, and feel the warmth of a campfire burning while the fish itself, and dipungkas by resting in the tent of course will be a very exciting activity. In addition, you also can walk along the banks of the lake, then go to the Mountain Nature Reserve Area Threshold. In this area you can see and observe the diverse wealth of flora and fauna of Indonesia. After the forest down, it could not hurt you try jet ski game or if lucky you can see the show at the Art Building.

Not far from Lake Mooat there is a small lake known as Lake Tondok. Both lakes are known as lakes sisters. If you have a long vacation time, it could not hurt to play around for a while enjoying the natural beauty of Lake Tondok. For those who like adventure in the jungle, you can set up a tent in the area of Lake Mooat to stay. However, for those of you who do not allow for camping, you can stay in stilt houses and cottages natural shades. There are 4 units of houses on stilts and 2 units of 6×9 meter sized cottages. In addition, in the area of Lake Mooat there are also opera house, restaurants, and places that rent jetski for those who want to play in the middle of the lake.

Tourists who are interested to visit this beautiful lake should bring a personal vehicle for travel convenience. However, you also can rent a car from Kotamobagu or use the services of travel agents from Gorontalo. Lake which is about 17 km from Kotamobagu can be reached about 1 hour drive. Whereas if you leave from Gorontalo, you may take about 3 hours to arrive at this lake.

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