Ruang Volcano, Sangihe, North Sulawesi


If you want to enjoy a quiet atmosphere and beautiful scenery calm , try to come to the island and enjoy the view of Mount Tagulandang space . Guaranteed , fatigue which smothered because routines will be paid here .Tagulandang Island is one of the largest islands in the district Tagulandang Biaro Siau Islands ( Sitaro ) . Salak best in North Sulawesi came from this island .
From the Port of Manado , Tagulandang can be achieved by fast aboard approximately 2 hours drive .Pier protected behind Space Mountain , one of the volcanoes in North Sulawesi . With the cost of travel for Rp 130,000 , you will be presented with serenity atmosphere probably will not be forgotten .
In Tagulandang there are several lodging at affordable prices , ranging from Rp 100,000 per day is included twice with fresh fish menu . Get up at dawn before sunrise , and then walked toward the beach . If coincide with market day , you will be presented with a panoramic view of the fishing boats unload their catch for sale in the market .
The bustle of the fishermen and residents who use the boat transportation become a beautiful sight with the backdrop of Mount areas . The sea in front of him so quiet and very calm atmosphere.If the weather is sunny again, as the sun rises to the surface, the sky around Mount Space will present a stunning blue color. This can happen because Tagulandang still far from air pollution.You can rent a fishing boat that is around the beach and playing in a very calm sea between mountain areas and Pier Tagulandang . The more exciting ride a boat while fishing.Although a volcano, mountain areas are also inhabited by residents . There are several villages at the foot of Mount areas.
When Space Mountain last erupted in 2002, the villagers had to be evacuated to the island of Tagulandang .After satisfied to enjoy the calm waters of mountain areas and in the vicinity, go back to the beach and bake fish catches obtained. Enjoy with residents who volunteer will provide tools fuel.When turning to Manado, do not forget to buy fruits as souvenirs. No need to bother looking for it, when the ship arrived, the seller Salak abundant at Pier Tagulandang at very cheap prices.
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