North Sulawesi, River Rafting in Nimanga and Ranoyapo

North Sulawesi, River Rafting in Nimanga and Ranoyapo



It is clear that the whitewater jerang done in the river which has a swift current. Timbukar In the village, Minahasa regency, North Sulawesi , we’ll find it in rivers and streams Nimanga Ranoyapo. Both are located about 30 km from the city of Manado. Whitewater-rafting is a relatively young sport in Indonesia. He is classified in the extreme sports game or a challenging one’s guts. Are you the one? If so, then came to a river or stream Nimanga Ranoyapo. In this place, you will feel a memorable experience through the exploration of the distinctive character of the two rivers, Nimanga and Ranoyapo. You do not have to worry with the swift river currents are both recreational and whitewater-rafting because the tourist is provided by the guide who will accompany during enjoy new experiences. Great experience will be felt when trying to navigate the enormity of the sport whitewater-rafting in these two rivers. For a traveler, it’s a lifetime will not be forgotten when the river along the 35 km of this.

In these two rivers, travelers can experience a heavy flow of water is not polluted river, enjoying the natural scenery around the beautiful river, and watch the various bird species danced in the sky while berbahana with very melodious. Visiting this place is one of the appropriate alternative to relieve fatigue work world that has become routine. Interest in this sport tourism can stay hotels or lodging in the vicinity of the river Nimanga tourist attraction. In addition, available service and tour guides to facilitate whitewater-rafting. Includes the facility to maintain your safety.

There are two options to get to the place where the rafting done. First, the general form of microbus vehicle that you can encounter at a bus terminal in Manado. Second, private vehicles. Both can be achieved approximately three-hour overland journey from the city of Manado.

Thrills and fun are guaranteed as you race down through rainforests, experiencing a serious adrenaline-rush and maybe even taking in some wildlife along the way.

As far as i know, there’s 2 local operator running this business and there’s 3 rivers with different classes of rapids ranging from intermediate to advanced. Half day trip for about 35 rapids (9 KM along the river) on Nimanga River, about 60 Rapids (35 KM along the river) on 2 days and 1 night trip on Ranoyapo River and 4 hours trip for Sawangan River.


The guides (skippers) and equipment are of internastional standard following procedures set by A.W.A (American Whitewater Affiliation).

Address: Minahasa
Directions: Nimanga River, Timbukar Sonder Minahasa
Ranoyapo River, Amurang, Minahasa Selatan
Sawangan River, Airmadidi Minut

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