North Sulawesi, Paguyaman River

Paguyaman River

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Gorontalo – Giant Dam Paguyaman current dirty condition . Because the largest dam in the province of Gorontalo was kind of clogged garbage timber and other objects drifting from upstream when the rainy season .

Gorontalo watchlist Post Friday ( 27/12 ) , a giant dam that mangiri paguyaman as much as 6,880 hectares of paddy fields in the current polluting it with a variety of materials derived from the river upstream from wood – a big wood , twigs of trees to grass originating from forest conditions resulting in this beautiful dam looks slovenly and dirty .

Meanwhile paguyaman river located in the border districts of Gorontalo district and sub-district asparaga wonosari the district was utilized by farmers to irrigate rice fields in the dry season . Rivers that irrigate the two districts in Gorontalo province was built to improve the people’s economy but is now no longer noticed .

Residents around Ashnah Nantue ( 45 ) says , that this giant dam populist economic driving force for farmers in the region paguyaman . Because the dam is distributing water in all corners of the rice fields with multiple trunks and branches and dozens of channels . Ashnah added , the last three years farmers have no difficulty in the water in rice farming because there is a giant dam . Because the dam was built approximately 7 years . So with contamination of the river to be addressed from the relevant agencies to dredge rivers paguyaman . ( tr – 30 )

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