North Sulawesi Marisa Nature Reserve

North Sulawesi

Marisa Other Area

Longitude (DD) 121.76917690
Latitude (DD) 0.46266180
Designation Other Area
Status Proposed
Current Status Not Known
IUCN Category Not Known
Documented Total Area (ha) 3.000
GIS Total Area (ha) 3.370
The Marisa Complex consists of one large area (Randangan) and two small areas (Panua Nature Reserve and proposed Wildlife Reserve Tanjung Panjang). The wetlands in the area are mainly situated in the two small (coastal) areas, with mangrove forest, beach vegetation and 1,000 ha of freshwater swamp forest. The Tanjung Panjang area includes some Nipah-islands (Nypa fruticans) with colonies of waterbirds. Principal vegetation: Mangrove and Nypa swamp.
Site Location
Marisa kompleks is located near Gorontalo


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