North Sulawesi Gunung Lokon Nature Reserve

North Sulawesi

Gunung Lokon Nature Reserve

The Gunung Lokon Nature Reserve comprises the area surrounding the active volcano Gunung Lokon (1,580 m). The reserve is 100 ha and lies in North Sulawesi province.
The reserve is mainly visited to climb the top of the mountain and to enjoy the great views from it. Gunung Lokon’s peak is overgrown with Alang-alang, a result of regular fires due to volcanic activity and rat hunters burning the vegetation to find their prey. 600 meter under the top lies Gunung Lokon’s crater. The deepblue lake that formerly filled the crater has disappeared after Lokon’s last eruption. What’s left are yellow sulphur pools and active fumaroles.
The entrance to the reserve is in Kakakasan II village. Kakakasan can be reached by bus from Karombasan station in Manado. Take a bus with destination Tomohon and get out in Kakakasan.
* Kinilow
o Lokon resort
* Tomohon
o Several possibilities
The path to the top of the Gunung Lokon starts in Kinilow. Guides are available in the village. The walk will take about 2 hours.


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