North Sulawesi Agriculture Tour 7 days 6 nights

 North Sulawesi Agriculture Tour 7 days 6 nights


Day One – Arrival. Transfer To Tomohon. Short Tomohon Tour.
After pick up from the airport, towards to Tomohon. Have a sightseeing of Tomohon allure and then have dinner at local restaurant before reach the resort. You may have spare time when arrive at the resort and prepare yourself for the next day schedule.
Day Two – Visit Rurukan (Agro Tourism Village) & Other Local Farms.
After breakfast, we go directly to Rurukan, the agro tourism village and spend the whole day visiting nearby local farms. Lunch will be serving at the site where you may feel the rural ambience surround, and mingle with the local people will be a distinctive fun. After the energized tour, we’ll have Minahasa cuisine for your dinner at local restaurant somewhere in town. Then return to resort to overnight.
Day Three – Visit Modoinding (Agro Tourism Village).
Our second agro tourism village destination is Modoinding. After breakfast we approach Modoinding located in southern of North Sulawesi. On the way to Modoinding, we stop by at Amurang to have lunch. The road trip will spend most of the day time so you better have some rest when you arrive at homestay. Dinner will be served at the homestay.
Day Four – Agriculture Production Watch Tour.
After breakfast we will take you to some of the agriculture production to see the activities in field particularly and also have lunch with the farmers. After lunch you may continue the tour. Return to homestay before dark to have dinner then overnight.
Day Five – Back To Manado & Go To Bunaken. Island Relaxation.
After the whole exploration of the agro tour, we will then move to Manado and have lunch at local restaurant. After lunch we go directly to Bunaken. The next schedule is free program; you may choose whether you want to relax yourself. Dinner will be provide at your resort in Bunaken and then overnight.
Day Six – Bunaken Glass Bottom Boat Tour
Breakfast will be served at the resort when you are up, and afterwards, the glass bottom boat is ready to take you sightseeing around the island. Return to the resort for lunch and free program subsequently. You’ll have your dinner at the resort.
Day Seven – Transfer To Airport. Departure.
After breakfast ready to be transferred to the airport.

Bird Watching 7 days 5 nights


Day 01 – Arrival – Transfer To Kotamobagu
After pick up from the airport we go directly to Kotamobagu with approximately 3 hours drive. Dinner will be served at local restaurant in Kotamobagu, and then we drive to the cottage in Doloduo to overnight.

Day 02 – Bird Watching at Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park
After breakfast, we go together with the local ranger to Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park where you may observe many of the tropical birds and indigenous in North Sulawesi. After some hours, return to cottage to have lunch and continue bird watching at 2.30 pm till dusk then return to hotel to have dinner and overnight.

Day 03 – Maleo Bird Watching at Tambun Village
After breakfast, we will go for bird watching at Tambun village, at the photo spot tower to view the Maleo birds. After that we return to cottage to have lunch, and then continue the bird watching until dusk. Dinner will be served at the cottage.

Day 04 – Back To Manado. City Tour. Hotel Chck in.
We will go directly to Manado right after breakfast. On the way to Manado we could stop by at some places if you need to take pictures. After have lunch in Manado, we will take on a short city tour to the oldest Buddhist Temple in Manado, National Museum, and to some shopping centers. We will drop you to your hotel in Manado to have dinner and overnight.

Day 05 – Bunaken Sightseeing. Back To Manado & Drive To Tangkoko.
Early after breakfast, we will go to Bunaken and get a sightseeing of the coral reefs by glass bottom boat. Lunch is provided at local resort in Bunaken, then you may have some leisure time to swim on the beach or just relax before we go back to Manado by boat. From Manado we will go to Tangkoko directly to the resort to have dinner and overnight.

Day 07 – Bird Watching in Tangkoko. Back To Manado. Spa.
Early morning after breakfast, we go directly to Tangkoko National Park for half day bird watching and jungle trekking. Return to cottage to have lunch at noon and then we will drive you to Manado to art and handicraft shops or any shopping center in Manado you requested. After the exhausted trip, you may want to relax yourself in a spa. Then return to cottage in Tangkoko to have dinner and overnight.

Day 07 – Transfer To Manado/Departure.
On last day of the tour you may have some leisure time after breakfast and then we will transfer you to the airport whenever you’re ready.

Overland Trans – Sulawesi

Day 1: Upon arrival at Sam Ratulangi Airport Manado, meeting service and transfer to Bunaken Island or Siladen Island. (stay overnight in cottage)
Day 2: Bunaken – Siladen Island
Orientation: Dolphin Tour, Snorkeling or Diving as your own optional interest. Lunch will be served in the boat or in the cottage.
Day 3: Bunaken – Manado – Tomohon
Return to Manado by boat, then winding drive through mountains to Tomohon. Orientation:
Minahasa Highland Tour:
– Climb up Volcano Mountain.
– Visit Lake Tondano, the largest lake in the North Sulawesi.
– Spend afternoon at the highly sulphurous and colorful lake Linow.
Lunch will be served at floating restaurant over Tondano lake. (stay overnight at Home stay or Resort in Tomohon)
Day 4: Tomohon – Tangkoko Reserve
The trip continues. It takes two hour drive by minibus to Tangkoko nature reserve. Orientation:
– Late evening walk into the park to see the smallest mammal on earth; (Tarsius Spectrum).
– Walk around to see the black Macaca Nigra (a group of Sulawesi Monkey). (stay overnight at Homestay)
Day 5: Tangkoko – Manado – Gorontalo
Overland tour, 8 – 10 hour drive along the coast and winding through mountains.
Lunch will be served at local restaurant on the way. (stay overnight at hotel in Gorontalo).
Remarks: We can travel by air on this section if road is closed.
Day 6: Gorontalo – Moutong
The trip continues 6 to 8 hour drive along north coast of Tomini bay. We will see Bajou ethnic group (Gypsy group) who build simple houses over a reef. Lunch will be served at local restaurant on the way. (stay overnight at Home stay or Los men in Moutong)
Day 7: Moutong – Tinombo (Central Sulawesi)
It takes 4 – 5 hour around Tomini bay the town of Tinombo. Check-in at Homestay near the town. Orientation :
– Visit Lauje tribe over the hills.
– Enjoy their live traditional music made from bamboos, and woods.
– Also we can learn how to use blow-pipe, shoot a right target.
The Lauje tribe likes traveling through the hills and mountains. Especially the men often carry blow-pipe as their traditional weapon for hunting wild animals. Also it is a defense for themselves. Meanwhile the women gather local food. They travel, how to get wild cocks or wild hens in forest for their hobbies only. There are several parts of this ethnic group still living in a primitive life, far away from villages, no school at all.
They plant crops such as; coconut, cocoa, clove, corn, cassava, and sweat potatoes as their main food. Late evening we will return to the Home stay for stay overnight. Lunch and Dinner will be served at Tinombo.
Day 8: Tinombo – Kasimbar
Continue driving two hours to Kasimbar, another small town at Parimo regency.
Lunch will be served at Floating Restaurant (sea food). After that we will visit Pulau Kelelawar (Bat Island), because late evening a thousand of Bat is flying over the island, and morning all of them are hanging body over the trees, having rest. It’s interesting to see. We will return to Kasimbar to have dinner and for staying overnight at simple hotel or homestay. We can enjoy Tajio tribe performance while we are having dinner. That ethnic group will present an amazing sound without music instrument like tamborine or drum. It’s presented and created by clapping hands group of people. They are a very good skill on music. Second life performance music designed from leafs and wood, very pretty sound and easy listening, it’s called Tingkobi. Kasimbar district is a very interesting place to visit, especially for the cultural and life of the people.
Day 9: Kasimbar and Its Surroundings
Still doing a tour around Kasimbar district. Visit transmigration villages, Balinese was sent by Indonesian government in 1970.
Remarks: If you do not have much time on visiting Bali, you can enjoy Balinese art performance and cultural on this area. There are plenty of temple in Kasimbar district.
Meet Pendau tribe occupies the hills. Visit Cave, Waterfall and hot spring. Second overnight in same place.
Day 10: Kasimbar – Tambu – Palu , Donggala
The trip continues winding drive through mountains to the west and along the coast down to Palu valley on wards to Donggala. On the way We will see local people who make simple mattress (Hand-Sewn). Stay overnight at resort or cottage near white sandy beach on tanjung karang. (Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Included)
Day 11: Donggala / Tanjung Karang Beach
Relaxing day: Snorkelling and diving as your own optional interests. Second overnight in same place.
Day 12: Donggala and It’s Surrounding
Relaxing day: Snorkelling or diving as your own optional interests. Afternoon trip around Donggala area. Third overnignt in same place.
Day 13: Donggala – Pakuli – Dombu – Palu
We will continue trip,drive to Pakuli village to see Maleo bird and its nesting ground, an endemic bird of Sulawesi, it’s egg bigger five times than hen’s egg.After having lunch winding drive through mountains to Dombu where we can see Da’a tribe who occupy Gawalise hill. It’s a nice place, cold and misty sometimes(300m-1300m from the sea level). Some part of Da’a family is still building simple houses over the trees. We will meet the kids using blow pipe as their toys over the hills. Late evening We will return to Palu to have dinner and stay overnight in the hotel Palu city.
Day 14: Palu – Kebun Kopi – Tentena
Continue driving through mountains to Kebun Kopi where we can see beautiful forest ,local people sell green vegetables and fruits on the street. Kebun kopi means ” Coffee plantation”. Onwards drive along the cost via Poso and heading to Tentena town. Stay overnight in hotel near Poso lake.
Day 15: Tentena and Its Surroundings
Orientation: Visit Poso lake,bancea orchid park and beautiful Saluopa waterfall
(12 levels).
Day 16: Tentena-Bada valley
Overland by 4 Wheel Drive (Jeep) on the dirt road, takes 4-6 hour to Bada valley. It’s a fun adventure trip during our tour in Sulawesi. Afternoon trip, visiting megaliths statues around Bada valley. Stay overnight at homestay.
Day 17: Bada valley
Tour around Bada valley. Still visiting Megalith statues,a thousand years old,No one knows exactly the story,and they’re still mysterious to cover. Meet native people who make bark cloths made from ficus (fig trees). That material has been using for many years. Second overnight at the homestay.
Day 18: Bada valley – Tentena
We will return to Tentena,overland by jeep takes 4-6 hour drive. Stay overnight in hotel near Poso lake.
Day 19: Tentena – Toraja Land
Continue driving through mountains, along the coast to south Sulawesi. Late evening will arrive in Rantepao, is a town in Tanah toraja (Toraja land). Stay overnight in hotel near the town.
Day 20: Toraja and its Surroundings (South Sulawesi)
Orientation: Hiking around Toraja Land, visit villages, etc. Lunch en route. Second overnight in same place.
Day 21: Toraja and its Surroundings
Orientation: Visit native people of Torajan.
Remarks: If the timing is right we can see funeral or burial ceremony of Torajan. Third overnight in same place.
Day 22: Toraja – Sengkang
A 4 hour drives down to a pleasant town, Sengkang. Orientation: Visit lake Tempe, it’s a shallow lake fringed by wetlands, with floating houses and magnificent birdlife. Visit silk workshop (silk weaving)in remote village. Lunch en route. Stay overnight in hotel near Sengkang town.
Day 23: Sengkang – Makassar
Full day of driving along the coast, winding through mountains. Lunch will be served on the way. Stay overnight in hotel near Makassar city.
Day 24 Makassar and its Surroundings
Relaxing day: a short day trip. Do laundry, email, phone calls, etc. Second overnight in same place.
Day 25 Makassar – Airport

Round Trip Sulawesi 21Days/20Nights

Bugis – Toraja – Poso Lake – Togian Island – Minahasa Highland – Bunaken

Day 01 : Airport – Makassar ( L D ) : Arrival in Makassar, Visiting Traditional Port, Fort Rotterdam, Orchid Flowers, lunch and dinner at local restaurant, transfer to your hotel.
Day 02 : Makassar – Sengkang – Pare Pare
After take breakfast at hotel, our guide will pick you for Pare-Pare via Sengkang, drive 4 – 5 hours by land, we will visit prehistoric cave and possible to see monkey forest en National Park in Camba. Continue to Sengkang, after lunch at local restaurant you’ll embark on a tour Tempe Lake and take a view a floating house, when we back from the lake will visit a Buginese home industries to watch demonstration of traditional silk weaving. Continue to Pare – Pare with a 3 hours by drive by car, directly transfer to the hotel.
Day 03 : Pare pare – Toraja
After breakfast at your hotel, drive to Toraja land will take a rest in Puncak Lakawan with a mountain view called ” Erotic Mountain” by local people. In the afternoon we will arrive at Rantepao ( a touristy place in Toraja ) directly check in to your choice hotel.
Day 04 : Toraja Tour
This the day excursion around Tana Toraja entails visits to various ancient villages; lemo, which is famous for its stone grave as well as for its beautiful Toraja house; kete Kesu Pallawa, a traditional village rich in local handicrafts; Londa, where the dead buried with ceremonies invoking reincarnation; the business places handicrafts Rantepao, Enjoy lunch during the tour and return to your hotel for dinner and overnight stay
Day 05 : Toraja Tour
You’ll spend the day exploring more of Tana Toraja, learning about the costumes and traditions of several tribes sprawled throughout the region.
Day 08 : Toraja Optional Tour (Rafting = 55 USD / Trekking 35 USD)
In this free program. you can explore Toraja with special interest tour with Rafting or Trekking around the village to see way of life the Torajan poeple.
Day 09 : Toraja – Pendolo/Lake Poso
After breakfast at hotel Leaving TORAJA for PENDOLO Some stops on the way for the nice views . Arrive in Pendolo direclty check-in at MULIA POSO LAKE HOTEL for overnight and dinner.
Day 10 : Pendolo/Lake Poso – Tentena
We can start our journey after having breakfast . By public boat while crossing the Poso lake and surrounding mountains . This trip takes for hours . Lunch will be served in Tentena in the afternoon , check – in a hotel for overnight .
Day 11 : Tentena – Bada Valley ( B, L, D ) : After breakfast at hotel, by Chartered jeep to Bada valley.
Day 12 : Bada Valley Walking ( B, L, D ) : Walking tour in Bada Valley for birding, antique megalithic.
Day 13 : Bada Valley – Tentena ( B, L, D ): After breakfast at local house, by Chartered jeep back to Tentena
Day 14 : Tentena – Ampana ( B, L, D ): After breakfast at hotel, direct transfer to AMPANA with approximately 08 hours drive passing through POSO town. Lunch enroute, and proceed to AMPANA for your accommodation and dinner.
Day 15 : Ampana – Togian Island ( B, L, D ): After breakfast Take a drive to the pear and then take a boat to sail to WAKAI ISLAND as the transit island to continue to KADIDIRI ISLAND. Lunch boxes provided in this cruising journey. Arrive in KADIDIRI ISLAND directly check-in at BUNGALOWS for overnight and dinner.
Day 16 – 17 – 18 : Togian Island ( B, L, D ) : Breakfast at hotel . FREE programmed with your leisure, activity trekking, island trip, snorkeling or diving, could be arranged in your hotel. Lunch, dinner and overnight at BUNGALOW
Day 19 : Togian Island – Ampana – Luwuk ( B, L, D )
After breakfast, take a boat for crossing to Ampana on our arrivel in Ampana will take lunch. After lunch continue to Luwuk drive 4 – 5 hours by car.
Day 20 : Luwuk – Manado – Tomohon
After breakfast at hotel, transfer to the airport and flight with your guide to Manado, directly transfer to Tomohon / Minahasa Highland directly transfer to hotel. Afternoon free program.
Day 21: Tomohon – Tangkoko ( B, L, D ) : After breakfast at hotel (check-out hotel) Tranfer to Manado approximately 01 hours drive-trip. On the way stop at TINOOR to view the entire city of Manado and Bunaken island from this Hill-Top point. Arrive in Manado, stop for lunch and after lunch, proceed to TANGKOKO NATURE RESERVE. Late afternoon, arrive in Tangkoko directly check-in at RANGER HOMESTAY for your accommodation. Before dark, take a walk into this nature reserve park to see the TARCIUS SPECTRUM, the smallest monkey in the world, and besides this protected animal, you can also see the HORNBILL and BLACK MONKEYS ( macaca nigra ), cus-cus. Back to HOMESTAY for overnight and dinner.
Day 22 : Tangkoko – Manado – Bunaken ( B, L, D ) : After breakfast at homestay Transfer to MANADO, Arrive in Manado directly take a boat for BUNAKEN
Day 23 – 24 : Bunaken ( B, L, D ) : Breakfast at hotel . FREE programme with your leisure, activity trekking, island trip, snorkeling or diving, could be arranged in your hotel. Lunch , dinner and overnight at BASTIANOS BUNGALOW
Day 24 : Bunaken – Manado
Free at your time in the island, proceed transfer to Manado for city tour after check in to hotel.
Day 25 : Manado – Out
After breakfast transfer to the airport for your flight to your next destination.
Note : The International flight Manado to Singapore every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday with SILK AIR at 07.40

Tangkoko Nature Explore


Exciting overnight trip for nature lovers, trekkers, and anyone who likes the outdoors

DAY 01 (1-2 PM) Transfer by Safari Tours bus or AC 4 pax vehicle to Nature Reserve. The 2-hour drive to the 9000-hectare National Park is quite scenic as we pass through small villages. Upon arrival, immediately check in to Mama Roos Homestay or equivalent. You will then be guided by local forest rangers (and Safari staff) in search of the Black Crested Macaque (Black Monkey indigenous to North Sulawesi), hornbills, and couscous as well as other fauna specific to the reserve. Depending on what time it gets dark, we will head into the denser part of the jungle as the sun is setting, where you will (most likely) be able to get photographs of the Tarsier Spectrum (the world’s smallest primate). After it is completely dark and the Tarsier have departed for their nightly foraging, we head back to the homestay for a basic traditional dinner. Overnight – dinner

DAY 02 Rising early, you will again hike into the forest with local rangers where you will have the best opportunity to view more birds and certainly the Black Crested Macaque as these monkeys are earlier risers and are searching out food along the coastline at Tangkoko. After several hours it’s back to the homestay for a traditional breakfast and prepare to go back to Manado. Arrive in Manado between 9 -11 AM. – Breakfast

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