Nias, Sanali Losmen, Sorake Beach

Nias, Sanali Losmen, Sorake Beach


Well the surf has been pumping in Sorake Beach for the last couple of months. It is good here as sometimes there are many days when it is uncrowded because people come and go and either way the vibe is really good or you meet lots of friends. The atmosphere is very calm and relaxed. You can work on your tube skills and there is some good fishing here too. Nias has the best waves and now it is September we are all looking forward to getting more waves.

There are many interesting activities other than surfing in Nias. You can go for walks to Botohili which is a historic village nearby and there are many other waves and beaches to go to. Well I am looking forward to seeing you here! 

Everything is affordable in Nias as the exchange rate for the Indonesian Rupiah is extremely good and you can expect to live comfortably and more on $40 a day with food and accomodation. 

The food is tasty and healthy! We have a very good chef and can cook what ever you like. We are also a fishing family so we can supply fish for you and if you like you can come fishing with us for your dinner as this is a great experience!


Sanali Losmen Sorake Beach

         ROOMS:  IDR. 175.000/ day ( Free 1 glass coffee milk and toast )Approx. $US20

                                                                   SAMPLE MENU :

                           Rice pudding   IDR. 20.000 ( breakfast ) Approx.$US2.50

                                      Chicken roods   IDR. 30.000 Approx.$US3.50

                  Spaghetti Bolognese with chicken & cheese   IDR. 40.000 Approx.$US4.50            

                          Spaghetti marinate with tomato & cheese    IDR. 30.000                                  

        Fried Chicken , sweet & sour buttered with potato   IDR. 48.000 Approx.$US5

                                     Gado – Gado   IDR. 30.000 Approx $US3.50


Travel from airport to sorake beach IDR. 500.000 ( negotiated ) Approx. $US59

 Travel sorake to Rock Star  IDR . 300.000 / day ( drop and back ) Aprox. $US35

 Travel by speedboat to Asu Island or Bawa Island  IDR . 2.500.000 ( drop only ) Approx. $US293

Travel by car to Sirombu Sub District from Sorake Beach IDR. 800.000 ( drop only ) Approx.$US94

Rent Surfboard IDR. 50.000 / day + buddies IDR. 20.000 / day. Approx $US6/$US2.50

MASSAGE: 1 Hour IDR 50.000 (Full Body) Approx. $US5.50

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