Ngurah Rai Grand Forest Park

Longitude (DD) 115.16917856
Latitude (DD) -8.78662196
Designation Grand Forest Park
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
IUCN Category Not Known
Documented Total Area (ha) 1.374
How long do you imagiBali Mangrove Information Centerne it will take for you to traverse two kilometer mangrove forest? Probably,
you have to lay your account for a half-day hardship, if you are lucky enough not to lose your
way, for it. Greasy sludge, looped and winding stilt roots, and vista less course may preclude you from
gaining ground.
Here, in the Mangrove Information Centre, you can enjoy taking some an hour walk easily, safely and comfortably. Even if you don’t have a special experience or skill, even if you don’t have a pair of ninja-boots, but with high heels (it does not mean recommendable, of course!), you may not feel any difficulties in walking on wooden walkway.
Total span of the walkwayestablished by the MIC is about 2 kilometers through plantations and natural stands of mangrove. From the starting point of the walkways or the Pond Heron Hut to the end of the walkways or the Tern Hut, it is about a kilometer long trip to go,
and another about a kilometer for back (a half of the route, from the Little Egret Tower to the Tern Hut, is common for both go and back).
The wooden walkway does not only make it ease for you to walk, but give you many chances to encounter
various unique creatures. Some 50 plant species including 18 species of true mangroves and 15
species of associates can be closely observed. If you are keen to watch birds, I am sure to say that you will see, during a round trip, some twenty species of birds out of nearly 90 species of birds recorded so far.
Colorful fiddler crabs and waggish mudskipper are popular to everyone. Mud lobster, Archer fish, Water
Snake and Monitor Lizard may request you a bit of luck and a great deal of attention
to meet them.
Although the wooden walkway was so carefully constructed as not to disturb the natural environment,
there are and wBali Mangrove Information Centerill be also some minimum, at the same
time maximum, facilities, such as huts for resting and
observations, a floating deck, watch towers, a bird
watching hide and jetties.
After an hour walk of the Mangrove Trail, you would
naturally realize significance of the Mangrove.

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