Ngur Sarnadan Beach by ohelterskelter

Ngur Sarnadan Beach by ohelterskelter

Ngur Sarnadan Beach is located in the province of Maluku in the eastern part of Indonesia which is very charming for tourists thanks to the natural beauty that is still original and awake. One of the best places to enjoy a holiday is in Southeast Maluku Regency with its beautiful beaches. For example, you can visit Ngur Sarnadan Beach. Its location is in Ohoi Lilir Village, Kei Island. Actually, locals also strength Ohoi Lilir Beach according to the naming of the village where the beach is located. This beautiful coastal area will be a perfect nuance and a regular guest cottage. That means Ngur Sarnadan Beach is a place to spend beautiful days during holidays!

No one can deny the beauty of Ngur Sarnadan Beach which is flawless because there are lush coconut trees and white sand. The coastline has soft, comfortable sand, which can walk freely. When the condition of the sea water, very clear! There is no shortage, the surrounding is clean and no scattered rubbish can be found, so that tourists can get a beautiful sea view and a comfortable atmosphere. On the horizon, several nearby hills and islands are also visible. All these features will make the visitors stunned for hours, that’s for sure.

Exploring Ngur Sarnadan Beach

It is said Ngur Sarnadan Beach is a vacation spot for those who visit Southeast Maluku Regency. The combination of beautiful scenery and a comfortable atmosphere will surely satisfy every visitor. However, the temperature is slightly hot during the day. In this case, special hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen will be a great idea when walking on the beach.

After spending some time on the beach, it is time to visit a nearby food spot. Locals have built several cafes near the beach, so tourists can enjoy the food and watch the ocean view at the same time. Not to mention the cafe is a great place to rest before. In addition, parents can use the cafe as a shelter while watching their children who are playing on the beach.

What next Ngur Sarnadan Beach is also famous for its aerial sports, including snorkeling, swimming and diving. It is said that the air has good visibility and is perfect for any diver regardless of his skills. If you are hungry, you can go back to the cafe and enjoy plenty of foods like Embal rice, grilled fish, and fries. If there is a drink, you can drink soft drinks, young coconut, and mineral water.

Accommodation near Ngur Sarnadan Beach there are inns like :

Coaster Cottages
Suita Hotel
Hotel Dragon
Ohoimel Resort
Langur Hotel
Asnolia Hotel

How to get to Beach Ngur Sarnadan

To get to Ngur Sarnadan Beach, you must come to Kei Islands first. From your location, take a plane to Dumatubin Airport located in Langgur City. From there, the transportation service we can use is a mini bus. Precisely, relax in Ohoi Lilir Village, Kei Kecil Subdistrict, Southeast Maluku. Here, the route is limited, so you have to sort it out carefully. A trip to the beach from Langgur City will not be much time. Enjoy the trip and you will never be disappointed later.

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