Nasi gurih, fragrant coconut rice

Nasi gurih, fragrant coconut rice

Nasi gurihNasi-gurih
Delicious fragrant coconut rice from Central Java

Ingredients: (for 4 persons approx)

500 g rice
125 g (cube santen)
1 stalk lemon grass bruised
2 salam leaves
salt to taste
6 djeruk purut leaves
approximately 600 ml of water

Los santen in the water. Add the remaining ingredients and cook the rice cooked this for 15 minutes and then steamed. Remove the herbs. Put the rice on a platter and garnish with strips of Lombok, omelet and fried onions. Of course, some slices of cucumber there.

Tip: Delicious to join you do sapi subscribers, and a bowl of sambal emping badjak.

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