Naitimu, H.H. Raja Vincentius R.

Naitimu, H.H. Raja Vincentius R. 


In the middle

Present Raja:  H.H. Raja Vincentius R. Manek of Naitimu

Naitimu is in the middle of the island of Timor.

Timor is known as an island where the traditional social systems are one of the best preserved of Indonesia.
The middle part of Timor is known as the most traditional of the total island and of this area the north part of this area   (known as the Belu area) is the more traditional than the part of Belu.
One of the principalities there is the principality of Naitimu. Now lying in the sub-district, or kecamatan of Nanaet Dubesi.
In 2000, when the chances changed for the Indonesian dynasties to really come back in the social system, also in Belu plans were made for the official selection and installation of the several rajas of the area.

History of Naitimu (engl.): link

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