MV Clown

North Sulawesi

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Length 18m, broad 4m
No. Passengers/Divers 4 or 5
No. Cabins 3 All doubles
No. Bathrooms/Toilets 1 shared
Dining, Relaxing, Sun Bathing:
24h Electricity 220 Voltage
Safety / First Aid Services
Medic First Aid, Oxygen
Nearest Recompression Chamber
Manado General Hospital
Dive Entry
Backroll entry
No. Divemasters/Instructors
2 divemasters
Diving Destinations
Lembeh Strait
Departing from Bunaken Island
Time of departure 9:30 am, Time of return 14:30 pm
Dive Trip Duration 4 days/3 nights
Price & Schedule
For guests diving at Froggies Divers and wishing to dive Lembeh Strait we offer the option to join a 4D/3N diving trip to North Sulawesi’s famous critter Paradise.


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