Museum Siwa Lima Ambon

Museum Siwa Lima

Pulau Ambon, Maluku 

Siwa Lima Museum Address: Kota Ambon, Pulau Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia, ID The Siwa Lima Museum is located on the island of Pulau Ambon, where it stands in the capital of Kota Ambon. This is a true cultural attraction and houses an extensive collection of both colonial and regional artefacts, collected and excavated from throughout the Maluku Islands. The Siwa Lima Museum is made up of two separate buildings and surrounded by some gorgeous tropical gardens. Nearby are awesome views across Ambon bay, as well as a charming Hindu Temple. Open: Monday to Friday – 08:00 to 16:00 Admission: charge

Siwalima Museum is located 3 km southeast of Ambon city. Siwalima Museum was founded in 1973, is located in Taman Makmur hill. There are two museum buildings, the Museum Siwalima I which is a maritime museum, and Museum Siwalima II which is a museum of ethnography. In the museum Siwalima I stored a variety of marine wealth Moluccas. There are also three whale skeleton that washed up on shore Moluccas, one of which has a length of 23 meters. At the Museum Saved Siwalima II objects and the history of the Moluccas, including various types of traditional houses, traditional costumes and traditional clothes, weapons, musical instruments, ancient money, the jars and porcelain plates relic of Japan, there are also artificial caves that depict life Maluku traditional tribal antiquity. Museum Siwalima I store a variety of marine resources is extremely valuable Moluccas. Museum Siwalima II storing various cultural objects and information about ways of life, beliefs, and customs of the people of Maluku. The objects stored in both the museum is well maintained, and there are officers who can explain the entire contents of the museum in detail. If there is a special request, visitors can enjoy a dish of local music, dance performances, and demo manufacture of woven fabrics. Visitors are also allowed to take pictures inside the museum. To reach this place, visitors can take a minibus or minivan Amahusu Makmur Garden, and get off at Makmur Garden or Stone Capeo.

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