Sumbawa, Museum SAMPARAJA Bima Sumbawa

Museum SAMPARAJA Bima Sumbawa

Bima besides having Mbojo ASI Museum, also has another museum that is used as a place to store the relics of ancient manuscripts Bima kingdom era. SAMPARAJA Museum This museum is located in Gajah Mada street subdistrict Monggonao Bima City. The building is not the relics of the kingdom and is managed by the Foundation Museum Samparaja Bima. The building has three rooms. To dance, exhibitions and a place to store private collections and Bima ethnic groups, such as the original Book of BO. The book is to discuss particulars Bima kingdom in the 14th century AD. BO Book has been published in book form titled BO Sangajikai which is a record Bima kingdom. In this museum there are also objects relic Sultanate of Bima. To the east there is the room that holds the traditional dress dance Toja. This dance is played by four women. There are also traditional clothes Kanja dance and dresses Bima kingdom greatness. Clothing is used during traditional ceremonies Hanta U’a Pua. Also stored in this museum clothingGalarang and how indigenous Camat royal and imperial era. Building the West there is a room that is used as a place to store kitchen tools from bronze, songket equipment, gold kebaya made in the 16th century and the table remains the Sultanate of Bima. Besides, there is a photo of Sultan Ibrahim, photographs and images of Sri Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Muda Mohamed Salahuddin is still stored properly. These collections as if to invite us to remember how the royal and imperial past.

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