Sumbawa, Museum Dalam Loka Palace Sumbawa Besar

Museum Dalam Loka Palace Sumbawa Besar

Location Dalam Loka Palace currently located in the city of Sumbawa Besar, indicating that this is indeed the city since ancient times is the center of government and center of economic activities in the region. Old Palace “Dalam Loka” built during the reign of Sultan Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah III, precisely in 1885. Before the palace was built, the kingdom of Sumbawa has several times changed the palace, among others, had known the “Palace Mount Faithful,” “Bala Sawo Palace and the Palace Bala Balong”. Bala Rea (Graha Large) located in the complex of palaces “Dalam Loka” shaped twin houses on stilts, 99 supported teak pole that represents the 99 attributes of Allah (Husna Beautiful Names). The palace is in addition to placing the king in a great position, as well as the Palace Bala Sawo replacement of burned gunpowder explosion logistics work. Bala Rea building overlooks the south of the square straight ahead, toward the hill plague that is the site of the tombs of the ancestors. West side of the square there is a royal mosque, Masjid Nurul Huda is still standing today, and to the east of the complex isatana megalir Brang Bara river (the river around the palace stables). Raw materials development Dalam Loka palace is mostly imported from the outposts of the village around the castle. Especially for large teak wood imported from Timung Teak forest, while the roof is made of zinc imported from Singapore. Palace building work is being led by Imam Haji Hashim. Bala Rea has many rooms with their respective functions. Are as follows: Lunyuk Agung, located on the front. An indoor venue for meetings, receptions, and a series of other important activities. Lunyuk Mas, is a special room for the empress, the wives of ministers and staff when it held an important royal ceremonies. Located adjacent to the Great Lunyuk. In the west chamber, consisting of rooms that extends from south to north as the contest room king (Repan) that only the bulkhead nets with prayer rooms. In the north room in the Empress kamr sleep with a lady’s maid. In the east room, consisting of four rooms, reserved for son / daughter of the King who had been married. At its northern end is the room where the household caregivers. Courtroom, located on the northern (rear) Bala Rea. At night the room was used as a bed ladies. The kitchen is located adjacent to the dining room. The bathroom, located outside the main room, which extends from king contest room to Empress room. Bala Bule, located right in the front parlor empress (Lunyuk Mas), shaped houses in two rows. The first floor level with Bala Rea as a son / daughter of the king’s play, while the second floor to the Empress and his wife witnessed the performances of the nobility, held at the palace field. Outside the building Bala Rea is now known as Dalam Loka, as the unity of the whole complex of Palace (Inside), in ancient times there are still some important parts of the palace, namely Keban Alas (palace garden), Bala Buko (gate) the walls of the palace, Bale Jam (home hours), a special place to put the bell kingdom. Since the construction of a new palace, in the year 1932 (the palace since the 1954 work that functioned as a home office “Wisma Praja” Regent Sumbawa), Bala Rea state as the main building of the palace complex in the workshop, is not worthy of occupied and abandoned offspring began work as an occupant so displaced so much. So no wonder that when it starts again restored by the Directorate General of Culture in 1979, through a Cultural Project Sasana since fiscal year 1979/1980 through fiscal year 1984/1985, the conditions are so poor shrub cover this whole area of Bala rea.

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