MSY Ikan Terbang

MSY Ikan Terbang


Ikan Terbang Liveaboard Snorkeling Adventure in Komodo National Park Indonesia

Ikan Terbang, literally « flying fish » is a magnificent Schpountz of 17 meters built in 1996 following the ancestral methods of the “Bugis” people of Sulawesi. The vessel, well ventilated by opening windows and its front opening, is ideal for a group of friends or families. She is perfectly adapted for a group of 6 people. But for the adventurous who are not afraid to sleep on deck under the stars, we can accept 1 more person. The captain, crew and guide will take care of your safety, comfort and every need on board throughout your trip. For your delight, they will also provide you snacks, refreshments and a fine set lunch. A sailing lover or just hoping for an incredible escape in the Komodo Park, Ikan Terbang can be yours for many days.

Inside and outside, in the sun or in the shade, cozy and comfortable spaces for recreation are waiting for you. Lay back in these unique surroundings, as the wind fills the sails, and the bow slides gently through the waves. 2 double beds and 2 single beds in a shared cabin, square dining room in an open space, space on the deck in the front, hot/cold shower and comfort WC. Private charters from 2 to 6 days, maximum 6 passengers.

Cruising with Ikan Terbang

Located a few miles from Flores, the Komodo National Park includes the islands of Komodo, Rinca and a multitude of small uninhabited islands, fringed with white sand and a rich seabed We invite you to discover Rinca and explore the famous Komodo dragons, last survivors of the prehistoric era.
The island is also home to many macaques, wild boars, deer and wild buffaloes. Besides the magnificent scenery of the savannah, you can also swim and dive in the turquoise waters and explore underwater while snorkeling.

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