Mollo, Raja Edison E.R. Oematan

Mollo, Raja Edison E.R. Oematan

Raja Edison is the 2ndRaja Edison E.R. Oematan ,Mollo son of the previous raja and grandson of a famous raja of Mollo: Raja Willem Frederik Hendrik OEmatan(1915-1930), who named himself later after several princes of the Dutch royal family.

He is one of the few kings of Timor, who has been installed officially (12-8-2001), 4 years after the death of his father.

His mother is a noblewoman from the sub-statelett of Tefnai in Fatuleu and his grandmother a honest Christian princess of the Manubulu dynasty of the Rotinese principality of Korbafo (Roti lies to the west of Timor).He also has Chinese blood in his veins.

The Raja is actively involved in agriculture. One time you can see him as a farmer; overlooking the agricultural business in his area and on his private land, the other time he is the real King of Mollo with all types of royal culture around this interesting Usif.

He has one of the finest historical photo collections of West Timor and lives in the old palace of his grandfather in Ajaubaki and has the ability to mobilise his people in a very short time his people for things that must be done.

Like most of the rajas of West Timor, he has a very soft-hearted character.

The Raja is more or less married in a traditional way with a noblewoman from S. Amanatun: Ratu Ronni M. Nokus.His Crown Prince is his oldest son Raja Muda Donald E.T. OEmatan.

He is known as a Raja, who is very helpful to all people who seek his help.

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