Siberut, Mentawai Island, Maps and Info

Siberut, Mentawai Island, Maps and Info

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Siberut Island Info

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Siberut Mentawai Accomodation

Siloinak is your own private tropical island to share with some like-minded companions. 30 acres of a deserted island with 900 meters of coconut palms fringed beaches and a wonderful lagoon, ideal for swimming among tropical fishes.

Built in an authentic Mentawai spirit and architecture, the Resort offers a unique Mentawai experience of peace and relaxation, sometimes animated by beach BBQ and epic evenings at the bar. It is composed of a 16 seat restaurant, established in the largest “uma“ (long house) of the Mentawai archipelago and 8 bungalows hosting one or two surfers. Roofs are made of palm leaves and the complex is entirely built with local tropical red wood. All bungalows have en-suite bathrooms, with toilets and showers.

Muara Siberut/Maileppet Area


Available tourist lodging freight on Siberut are primarily of the lower-end budget class. Syahruddin Hotel is the only hotel in Muara Siberut with 10 rooms and three communal baths. The hotel also operates a provision store that double as restaurant/coffee house. Two kilometers north of Muara Siberut is Maillepet, where the park office is located , several bungalows are available for tourists with prior arrangement. This will be the home base before traveling to villages. In the villages, you might get invited to one of the traditional houses (UMA), a long wooden house, with main room in front, usually doubling as a ceremonial center. Bring your own sleeping mat and preferably mosquito net. In certain villages such as in Madobak, there are small guesthouse with simple bathroom and toilet facilities.


7 double cottages all fully airconditioned. Outside shower and private rear courtyard. Front terrace with easy access to one kilometre of private beach.
1 family (or group) cottage fully airconditioned. Outside shower and private rear courtyard. Front terrace with easy access to one kilometre of private beach.
Gift shop (not ready yet) stocking a range of Mentawai handicrafts, souvenirs, surfing equipment, toiletries, medicines, snacks, and other basic guest needs.
Buffet restaurant specialising in a range of seafood dishes using produce from local waters.
Lounge area located alongside restaurant.
A-Bar on the beach with front deck projecting over the water at high tide complete with chillout lounges, cool tunes, big screen tv and a wide range of beverages and barsnack menu.
loita Spa equipped with 3 treatment rooms backing onto an enclosed waterfall and fish pond. The sounds of water splashing over the rocks will glide you into a deep relaxation during your massage or other spa treatment (under construction).
Mondoblu Dive Centre with a full range of well maintained top quality dive gear. Western, fully qualified dive instructor/master. Dive training centre for up to 8 students.
2 surf/dive shuttle speedboats capable of 25-30 knots.
Close proximity to surfing and diving sites. You do not waste your holiday time on long and tiring boat rides.
Ability to cater for business conferences, yoga workshops and dive/surf school

Coconuts Mentawai

All the rooms are with dacron soft pillows and white clean bed sheets .
4 bath rooms .
Boat to the surf breaks + Surf guide and Skipper .
Electricity . Phone service .
Rods and Reels for bottom fishing .
Fin and snorkels for skin dive. .
Siberut The Mangrove Spectacular Tour .
Massage . BBQ . Tents

Siloinak Resort

Our bungalows are largely interspaced in our flower garden, offering lots of privacy under the shadows of the palms. Each bungalow ( 24 m2) accommodates only one or two surfers, with a large space for the boards under the verandah. The resort offers the following equipments: *
CD Battery charging equipment with various adaptors
*DVD player, large screen TV, video projector
*Satellite phone
*High speed satellite Internet

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