Manokwari, Tari-perang

Manokwari, Tari-perang


Manokwari war dance performed in Nusa Dua Fiesta 2012 in Nusa Dua , Bali , Sunday ( 04/11/2012 ) .

NUSA DUA , – Nusa Dua Fiesta ( NDF ) in 2012 in Nusa Dua , Bali , featuring art titled Indonesian archipelago Art Performance . This show seeks to lift a variety of local art that will be known by domestic and foreign tourists .

On the 3rd day , Sunday ( 04/11/2012 ) , a number of local arts appeared to entertain the visitors . One of the dances that more attention is Tari Arrow travelers from Manokwari . The dancers from the local community to make the audience did not move . Other dances are Rontek Singo Dance Ulung of Bondowoso .

Director of Bali Tourism Development Corporation ( BTDC ) , IB Wirajaya expressed his appreciation at the end of the event . ” We hope that more and more travelers know dances from around the country is very beautiful , ” he said .

In the evening , the audience was treated to an incredible musical entertainment in Indonesian Music Expo ( IMEX ) . Entertainment Balinese Wayang form Joblar appearance also appeared on the third night NDF . Puppet performances Joblar provide exciting entertainment for the visitors .

Meanwhile , the NDF also enlivened Fun Bike Nusa Dua Fiesta 2012, which followed 6,500 people , Sunday ( 04/11/2012 ) . They take two routes , namely the short route around five kilometers and cross-country route is 15 kilometers .

The participants consisted of people Nusa Dua , foreign and domestic tourists gowes of PT BTDC surrounds the front office area of international tourism and finish at Peninsula Island , Nusa Dua .

Committee Chairman Nusa Dua Fiesta Fun Bike , Made Sugiantara said , the participants are very enthusiastic cycling to passing routes that have been determined by the committee.

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