mango lassi

mango lassi

mango lassiMango-lassi

Lassi is a traditional yogurt drink, which is somewhat similar to a milkshake. The recipe is originally from India and Pakistan but is now very widely consumed in Indonesia.

Mango Lassi is an absolute topdrankje to cool on a hot summer day. Do not have a mango in your home, you can also use other fruits but honestly ….. mango is super nice.

Ingredients: (for 4 large glasses)

500 g plain yogurt
half-cut mango (preferably very ripe)
approximately 10-12 ice cubes
50 g granulated sugar or white cane sugar
whipped cream


Peel the mango and cut into cubes. Take the yogurt, mango, sugar and ice and do everything in the blender. Let run until you get a nice smooth mixture. If necessary, add more sugar if needed and blend again.

Serve in a tall glass with a nice whipped cream, some toasted almond flakes and maybe a mint leaf.

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