Maharani Cave, Lamongan

Maharani Cave, Lamongan


When Travelling in East Java, do not miss the opportunity to visit natural attractions Maharani Cave in Lamongan. Chic cave that has a depth of 25 meters can be equated with other famous caves in the world. Limestone rock in the cave Maharani form some form of a very admirable. Stalactite and stalagmitnya forming some form such as Linga Pratala (resembling a vital tool guy) and Yoni Pratama (a vital tool of women).

There is also Yeng resemble animals and plants such as Cempaka Tirta (kantil flower), Reefs King Lizard (like dinosaurs), Selo Elephant (resembling an elephant’s head), roses, banyan trees, and various other forms of unique and beautiful.

To support the beauty of the cave, in which mounted dozens of lights arranged in such a way as to highlight a cluster of stalactites and stalagmites that reflect light colors are captivating.

So that visitors feel more comfortable, in the cave also features a music player that reflects the slow rhythmic tunes and fans to add fresh atmosphere. Access to Maharani Cave located on the edge-crossings Gresik Tuban, East Java can be via Surabaya or Tuban. If from Surabaya will take approximately 1.5 hours, while if the Tuban about half an hour.

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