Lombok, Tanjung Aan

Lombok, Tanjung Aan


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Through the land of Bali, you can route to Tanjung Aan with Kuta – Terminal Tegal. After that go to the Terminal Ubung, Bali. From Terminal Ubung, proceed towards the Padang Bai Harbour, across to Sheet Harbour, Lombok and takes about 5 hours. If you are lucky, within 12 hours you’ve arrived in Mataram from Kuta. From Mataram, you can rent a motorcycle with a travel time of about two hours to Tanjung Aan.

Stunning scenery on the island of Lombok (an island located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara), mountains, beaches, unbroken expanse of sand, Mount Rinjani, which overlooks the island makes a person Opslaan choose this place for the winter or summer vacation or spend the holidays in this place. If you are captivated by the water sports such as diving, snorkeling and surfing then Lombok is the best place.

Located to the south coast of Lombok Kuta Beach. Tanjung Aan, a paradise for beach lovers is a very nice area near Kuta Beach. Tanjung Aan beach has sand that resembles pepper. This beach provides an ample opportunity to get together and have fun with your friends or beloved family.

Tanjung Aan bay stretches along a mile and a giant wave breaking on the beach. Turquoise sea water, stir a desire to unlock the hidden secrets of this beach.

If you have decided to take a trip to Tanjung Aan Lombok, once can also visit the village of Awang. This village show you an ancient tradition that has been preserved by the inhabitants of the village of Awang. After a visit to this village and Tanjung Aan, if you want you can head towards Kuta beach set against a background of steep hills. Kuta Beach backward and less populated but still has its own charm and beauty. After Tanjung Aan, besides the village of Awang, there are also villages Grupuk, where you can see the cultivation of seaweed for agar-agar.

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