Lombok, Gili Trawangan-The party Island for Christmas

Lombok, Gili Trawangan-The party Island for Christmas



We went to the next island over which took about 25 minutes by rickety boat, this is the largest of the 3 islands and from the moment that we landed could tell that it was alot busier here. One of the first things that we noticed was the signs to buy magic mushrooms everywhere that we went even on the menus that was relly funny to see but we forgot to take a photo, which we are abit gutted about, sorry.

We arrived there on the 20th of Dec ready for Christmas, and despite being told that there was very few rooms available we found no problem finding one of the cheaper places to stay, though i must admit that although it was very well decorated for the price that we payed it was a sweat box, and again the shower was cold salty water but slightly better than the last one.Havin cold showers wasn`t really a problem because it was so bloody humid, all the time!, but not a bad price to pay again for the views and the crystal clear waters.The snorkelling really was good. We again like most places here got breakfast included, but we had to share it with 3 of the scabbiest cats that i`ve ever seen, one of them had a broken leg that had healed completely the wrong way, and another looked like it only had one eye! In most of Bali there are stray dogs wondering around but here it was cats, and they were everywhere. There was no cars on both of these islands the only forms of transport was horse and cart which were pulled by ponies and push bikes.

Our days here were mainly spent soaking up the sun on the beach and snorkelling in the morning till about 1.30 then the weather seemed to change so we`d go to the Irish pub in the afternoon to watch a film in our own bamboo hut and have lunch and the tastiest milkshakes ever that we seemed to drink in one mouthfull. Then we`d go for afew beers at night at night and eat more fresh fish!

We spent Christmas eve in the Irish bar were we met a really nice couple from bournemouth Steve and Mel who were very keen divers and there just for a diving holiday. As the night went on we started to share cocktails with them by the jug (jungle juice). And before long Jan was dancin on the bar with everyone and people were swinging from a bell they had in the middle of the bar. Which ended in disaster when 2 people fell of together, and the bloke looked he was dead for afew minutes, and the girl had to have stitches in her foot. That was a relly good nice and couldn`t of spent it with nicer people(cheers guys).

We also tried sushi for the first time ever and both really enjoyed it to our surprise.After 10 days on the islands it was time for us to leave, so we thought, but i picked up abit of food poisoninig and we had to stay in the sweat box for 1 more night, to Jans delight. The travelling to and from the islands is long, sweaty and tiring but well worth the trip, we are glad this is where we choose to have our Christmas.

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