Lombok, Gili Sulat

Lombok, Gili Sulat




Gili Sulat is a small island located 1.5 km northeast of the island of Lombok. The island has a maximum length of 5.2 km this is administratively including theDistrict of East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. As far as 500 meters northwest of the island have Gili Lawang.

Sulat Gili and Gili Lawang is a small island (dyke) is very potential to be used as a destination for nature tourism (eco-tourism) because it has the potential of mangrove forests and underwater gardens are very beautiful. The entire second dyke consists of mangrove forest, but actually there is also a small part which is the white sand, and in certain seasons herd the dolphins will manifest themselves in this area.

Source: ahyakm.blogspot.com

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