Lombok, Gili Nanggu

Lombok , Gili Nanggu


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Apart from the Senggigi Coast that has been famous in the world, Lombok was also famous with The Gilis. Gili was the small islands that apart from the Lombok Island Coast. Some of this Gili were Gili Nanggu. This Gili had very beautiful panorama with the white sand and the seawater that were colored greenness. The gradient coast with beautiful underwater panorama and colored fish.

Gili Nanggu was the small island that was located in West Lombok, around 20 minutes from the Lembar Port. For tourists who liked to go on a maritime trip, dove, sunbathed in the coast, or relaxed in the place that have natural nuances, came and spend the night in Gili Nanggu. The coast was clear greenness. Tourists could have enjoyed the coral reef with the colored fish decorated expired-tall grass only 5 meters from the coast. The island that had the area 12,5 Ha, was managed with the concept of Forest/Virgin Island, so this island still had beautiful and natural nature. In this white sand and calm wave coast, tourists could rest calmly without worried was disrupted by the coastal trader noises.

Gili Nanggu had the attraction of interesting underwater nature and become one of the main reasons of many guests who came every day to play in this coast. Only descended several meters to sea the colored fish domesticated will come to approach. Moreover also was gotten the coral reef and other sea animals that increased beauty of Gili Nanggu nature. Tourists could snorkeling with the distance only several meters from the coast with the depth only as deep as the chest of the adult with the small flow.

Birds swindled that were sweet gazed at the sun rose and nature solitude during the sun sank created the atmosphere was really romantic in Gili Nanggu, so it make Gili Nanggu the place that was suitable for the honeymooning couple. Gili Nanggu was the place that was beautiful to enjoy sunset and sunrise. Gili Nanggu was also called with Paradise Island.

For facilities, in Gili Nanggu has been provided several huts and the place anchored of the ship. And at this time had private enterprise’s side that was building bungalow took the form of the sub-area in the middle of his island. After being finished swam, tourists also not need to restless to shower him, shower that was available also very unique with the traditional-modern designed. And that really made this island comfortable, because freest from the pedlar and stalls, so as the privatization of tourists really was awakened. Therefore, tourists must bring supplies ate.

To reach Gili Nanggu, tourists could rent the motorboat that was in the Lombok Mainland , Lembar Port and was followed in time approximately 20 minutes. Before crossed to Gili Nanggu, better tourists at once leased equipment snorkeling. For crossing, tourists could enjoy the Lombok Island panorama that was beautiful and clear blue sea, so as Gili Nanggu was the place that was exact for tourists who craved the atmosphere that was very quiet with the beautiful panorama.

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