Lombok, Fantastic fresh fish in Gili Air

Lombok, Fantastic fresh fish in Gili Air


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We left Ubud and travelled to Gili Air which is one of three islands off lombok the next big island to Bali.It took 10 hours in total via bus-slowboat-bus-and another boat but well worth the journey. The travelling wasn`t too bad but it was a hot day and i said to Jan on the slow boat”it`s alright babe it won`t be so hot and stuffy once we get movin” to which she replied “Rich we already are movin”yeh that definatly was a slow boat alright.And the locals on this boat were hard core sellers and not prepared to take no for an answer, they were really pushy, we just ignored them now as much as we could, but they do go on, one old woman tried to take our bottle of water to sell us another one , the cheaky cow.

When we got to Gili Air it was quite quiet so we were able to get a bungalow on the beach for about 3 quid anight plus breakfast. The water for the shower is cold salt water so u feel very sticky after, and not the cleanest but not a bad price to pay for the views and the life style.We shared our room and terrace with quite a number of geckos some of them quite large ones!, we also had chickens and cows for neighbours so that was quite amusing!!

I went diving and Jan did a trial dive in the pool and loved it, so might do an open water course soon so we can dive together so that`ll be wicked.We had three days here which we spent lying around, walking round the Island which takes about an hour and then eating the tastyish fresh fish ever every night, while sittig on couches lying down in bambo huts on the beach watching the waves and the stars. It`s a hard life there i can tell you, back breaking!!

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