Lombok, Ekas Bay, Heaven on the Planet

Lombok, Ekas Bay, Heaven on the Planet




Heaven on the Planet is in beautiful Ekas Bay, south-east Lombok, on 17 hectares above the golden sand cliffs and beaches. They are only 30-40 minutes by road from the international airport. The road journey passes through the magnificent scenery of Lombok. Alternatively if you are spending some time in Bali, you can journey across by boat.

Heaven is made for leisure. Read a book, swim in the pool, stroll on the beach or relax in the restaurant. Their grass-topped barugaq has “DVD’s by the pool” – comfy cushions, plus food service if you want. Heaven is an Eco-friendly resort, so utilises the natural ocean breezes rather than air-conditioning.  They have electricity, but the generators are turned off at night.

Heaven’s beach is a secluded, white sand treasure for sunbathing or swimming in the pure, warm tropical waters. The Beach Warung serves drinks and snacks in the shady restaurant, right on the sand. You can laze on the beach or in the warung, snorkel out to the branching coral reefs, scuba dive from the shore or paddle out to the surf.

They have walking tracks, with unsurpassed coastal views, that lead you through coastal cliffs, shady forest and hidden glades. One favourite is the Lost Valley filled with srikayas (in season), one of nature’s most delicious fruits.

A genuine traditional Lombok village is immediately behind the property. Only a short walk away, the local people will welcome you into their village. Teens seek out Lombok’s only skateboard bowl, plus mountain biking, basketball, volleyball and javelin. More energetic guests can rent a boat, diving gear, surfboards, motor bikes, abseiling, snorkel/masks, wind surfer or skateboards.

Surf / Kite / Windsurf

If you want surf, kite or windsurf in a beautiful, remote location, both safe and difficult waves, on a range of different breaks, then Heaven on the Planet is ideal.  With everything in one unspoiled location, Hotplanet is the perfect place for surfers, windsurfers, kite surfers and divers. Using our outrigger surf boat, motor bikes or car, you can easily get to Inside and Outside Ekas, the nearby “Southern Reefs”, or the many other breaks in Lombok and West Sumbawa. It’s only a 20 minute pleasant walk between the two main breaks.

HOTPlanet is the biggest and best centre for windsurfing in Lombok. Two wave rider boards, wave jumper and learning equipment are available here. And we want to grow further so let us know if you are coming and want anything special.

Ekas Bay has an amazing broad bombie that is perfectly lined up for the wave-riding windsurfers. After breaking the waves go back into deep water making it an exceptional place. For the flat water speed riders, the Bay is broad and there are many great destinations. Windsurfing seems to be running second to kites at the moment globally. Maybe that’s because there aren’t many sites as good as Ekas Bay. Club bookings are available.

There are limited numbers staying at the Hotel, so you won’t get there to find all the breaks crowded. This means you feel like you own the break and you can’t imagine how good this feels. To ensure you have uncrowded waves during your stay, they now offer the first surfing under lights in Indonesia. This is only for guests of the hotel, so you have absolute priority for the waves.

Your accommodation at Heaven on the Planet overlooks all of the breaks at Inside Ekas. Just paddle, walk at low tide or take the boat at high tide. Check out both Inside and Outside Ekas with our boat … the classic Indo surfing experience.

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