Lampung, Carnival

Lampung, Carnival

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This carnival event attended by 400 participants from the carnival tribal and ethnic communities living in Lampung. Please note Lampung in the new order is one of the transmigration of various regions in Indonesia. Therefore various tribes from all over Indonesia can we meet and explore its culture, especially during events like the carnival culture.

 In addition to the Super Carnaval time is also supported by the retainer Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) which is famous for its ethnic costumes are unique and interesting. JFC will feature a performing art form JFC JFC Marching Band and talent by presenting a model of ethical themed costumes from around the country. The event was also enlivened by 10 groups and 10 groups marching band dance creations Lampung native culture. Participate and also the action – the action of forces Kulon Rhino Paku Banten famous attractions immune whistle and science.

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