Kupang Helong, Salmon-Bislissin

Kupang Helong, Salmon-Bislissin

Kupang Helong was foDynasty-Chief-Salmon-Bislissinrmerly a state in West Timor that founded in the 17th Century. It joined the larger Kupang state with Amaabi, Oefetto, Amabi, Foenay, Sonbai Kecil and TaEbenu.

The Helong people are the former people of Kupang. They were pushed westwards by the Atoni people, later to the western most part of West Timor and to the island of Semau.

Later the Raja began to live on Semau. Foenay is also a Helong area but a principality.

At present, the dynasty only has a chief of the dynasty rather than a Raja.

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