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Sweeping slithers of white sand lick the coast north and south of Krui, and the meandering coastline is dotted with surf breaks that draw an increasing number of intrepid board riders.

Most of the action is focused on the village of Tanjung Setia, 30km south of Krui and right in front of the world-renowned Karang Nyimbor surf break. Depending on weather and tides, other excellent breaks up and the down the coast are also options, all easily reached by motorbike.

While surfers still make up most of the tourist traffic, the area’s laconic and laidback buzz is also perfect if you’re overlanding to Java down Sumatra’s southern coast. Around midway between Bengkulu and Bandarlampung, it’s a good spot to relax and recharge after one too many long Sumatran bus journeys. If you’re a surfing newbie, Albert at Hello Mister offers surf lessons (per person 20,000Rp) on longboards on more forgiving beach breaks.

Arrive fully stocked with rupiah – the nearest ATM is an hour’s bus ride away in Liwa.

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