Komodo Aridive

Komodo Aridive



Enjoy diving safari in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia.

From our dive boats we dive on one of the most beautiful reefs of the world. In Komodo waters of two very different ecosystems mix what is reflected in the huge variety of underwater flora and fauna. Komodo belongs to the so-called  Coral Triangle, a region with the highest underwater biodiversity in the world.
Komodo reefs offer big variety of dives, for lovers of big fish and macro dives.

After the dives, or if you  are not a diver, we will offer you many other attractions – unpopulated island walks, snorkeling, relaxing on sandy beaches …
We invite also to the trekking with Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizards in their natural habitat.
If you are traveling with the family we will look after your children when you dive and during  the rest of the time.

After  Komodo safari we invite to a trip around Flores island, only being discovered now, with its inhabitants, the villages of another era, full of magic (also black), ancient animistic beliefs and customs. Wild island, island of flowers, volcanoes and rain forests.

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